Chapter 3

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Peetas POV

She sits there thinking about my question

"marvel" She whispers "marvel" she says more boldly. I swear I'm gonna kill him.

"How long was I out?" she asks

"Few hours" I reply

"You stayed here to whole time?" She asks

"Of course" I reply

Katniss POV

"Of course" He replies

"Why?" I ask why would he stay here

"I wanted to make sure you were OK" He says

"Thank you" suddenly a pain shoots through my head. Doctors rush in. I grab Peeta's hand

"Stay with me"


Prims POV


"Mum you gonna get that?" no reply ugh I walk in the lounge and see my lame excuse of a mother sitting there staring blankly at the wall. I awnser the phone


"Hello I'm Doctor Austa Who are you?"

"Prim Prim Everdeen"

"Sister of Katniss Everdeen"


"Is your mother there?"

"Technically yes mentally no"

"Right OK well your sister is in hospital she has badly hit and is currently in operation a boy called Peeta Mellark is with her"

Peeta mellark the bakers son?

"Umm OK"

"She will be staying over night just to let you know"

"Thank you"

"good bye"


"Mum if you care Katniss is in hospital!" No response really? I hate her so much more than words can describe"

*Next day*

Katniss's POV

I wake in the same white room. I don't open my eyes not that I don't want to. its because I can hear something I'm not suppose to

"Mum listen you should understand why I stayed" He says

"No I don't why would you stay with a piece of garbage!" A lady on the other line shouts.

"Cuz I love her and you dare call her that again!" His voice is rising up in anger.

"If you stay with her you can't come back here!"

"Then I guess I'll never see you again then!" And with that he hangs up.

I know who it is Peeta.Oh Peeta what have you just done?

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