.Chapter 14

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I wake up deep in thought



"Are we boyfriend and girlfriend?" He looks at me

"I don't know are we?" he asks sleepily

"Yey" I smile

"Yey" he smiles back



"Do you love me?" The question must shock him he takes a while to reply it begins to worry me

"Forever and always" he whispers

"Forever and always" I reply

*At school*

me and Peeta walk hand in hand to school girls give me evil glares but I just wave them off. I have all day with Peeta except for 2nd Period. we go to first which is Science then I walk to Geography but someone pulls me to a closet and punches me hard in the jaw. Glimmer

"You break up with him or I will hurt you Lil sister got it?" I nod "I don't think you have" she punches me again then stalks off. I begin to shake vilontly then Peeta comes in he goes to come near me but I scoot away.

"Katniss" he says I look up at him "Don't worry I heard it all" he whispers

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