Chapter 10

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Katniss POV:

I run out if school. I can't take this anymore I can't take her. I just need to be alone.I walk along the fence listening to the humming I get to the broken part and slip through it. I continue walking.


I'm in the woods now sitting on a log. I've been sitting here for hours I can't find the strength to go back and face my family. Suddenly someone comes behind me and puts a gag in my mouth. I try screaming its no use. what do they want with me? They drag me to a familiar house. The lake house! I use to come here all the time with my dad. I look around everything is as we left it. I really miss my dad. The kidnapper leads me into a room with a metal table and straps on it. well this bit has changed this never use it be here.

she tries getting me on the bed but I resist.By the time she's got me on the bed I have cuts and bruises every where I cry in agony. Peeta please help me. she leaves without unmasking herself . I think its a she dresses like a girl. I find some paper and pen and fight out the restraints without setting off alarms and write a letter:

Dear Peeta

if you ever read this I want you to know I love you more than my books more than all the money in the world. I have only just realized that now and I'm stupid. I don't deserve you. please just move on by the time you have read this I will probably be dead. I wish I could have spent more time with you you mean everything to me.

love Katniss

I fold up the paper and carefully write Peeta on then leave it under the bed. she comes back in and drags me out she puts me in a truck and drives somewhere into the un known

Peetas POV:

I volunteer to help search for Katniss. I'm in a group with Gale and Finnick were looking in the woods because gale says she usually comes here. we walk around for a while. I'm exhausted I go and sit down in this little house. I look around and find a blood splattered floor and a metal bed then a letter with my name on. I pick it up and read it. I tuck it in my pocket and follow a trail of blood. Gale and finnick follow. in the distance I see a great truck parked by trees then in the back all bruised and bloody , Katniss


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