Chapter 23

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I sit on the bed box in hand. The box that holds the ring. The ring that I will give to Katniss. We're 19 now and ive been putting of this for years. I have to do it now or I never will. I hear the door open and I hide the box under the bed. Katniss opens the door. Her clothes are ripped and her bag and shoes are gone. Her hair is a mess. She has tears streaming down her face. I stand up and open my arms. She runs into them. I feel her cold tears dropping onto my shirt.

"Shhh" I coo eventually I peel her off of my shirt and get her to look at me "What happened?" I ask her

"M-M-M-M" She starts but doesnt finish. It takes her a while but eventually she continues "mar-v-vel" She stutters. Anger builds up inside of me. What is he doing here? What did he do to Katniss? 

"What did he do?" I ask but before she can answer I hear I crash coming from downstairs. I rush downstairs with Katniss behind my back. There is Marvel pinning Annie up against the wall

"WHERE IS SHE?" He screams in her face. Annie is paralyzed and has gone as pale as a ghost. I leave Katniss on the stairs and run up to Marvel and Annie. I pull Marvel off her and Pin him to the ground and hit him. Endlessly. How dare he hurt them? How cold is his heart. I get off him

"Leave them alone leave this district or you can leave life" I hiss in his face. He scurries out the door just as Finnick comes in.

"Bro what happened?" He asks before setting his eyes on Katniss and Annie huddled in the corner shaking in fear. He looks back at me before rushing to the girls. I follow. I pick up Katniss and take her to our room. I tuck her in and kiss her head. She catches my hand before I can leave

"Peeta?" She asks

"Mhm" I mumble


"Always" I say and climb in with her.

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