Chapter 15

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Peeta helps me up and takes me to the nurse he doesnt leave my side even though he knows he will get a detention for skipping. I don't think he cares though. The nurse patches me up and Let's us out we don't want to go to our clases so we sit in the Janitors closet laughing goofing around and yes Kissing. Break comes and we go out side to find our group.

"Halalooya!" Finnick sings as we approach him "Where were you second period and Katniss what happened to your face!" He says examining me. Peeta gives him a look to drop it he does and we all begin talking. Me Peeta Annie Finnick Johanna and  Gale have been friends since day one I mean. me and Peeta are more than friends it's the same with Finnick and Annie but We all think Johanna and Gale secretly like each other

"What's next lesson?" Gale asks moaning

"Um Music" I reply

"Yey were all in that together!" Annie smiles

"Guys I found garlic bread!!" Gale says we all jump with joy. For some reason we All are obsessed with Garlic bread. He hands us all a bit and we shove it in our mouths. were not like the Career gang and starve ourselves were to obsessed with food to do that. I mean were not fat but we have flesh unlike the career girls who might as well be skeletons.

We walk to Music together. Mine and Peetas fingers lace in each other. When we arrive to music Glimmer gives me a glare because she told me earlier to break up with Peeta and obviously I didn't do that. Our Music teacher Effie starts the lesson.

"Right were doing duets today a girl and boy in pairs and next week you will present them to the whole class ooh and did I mention the winning couple get a free trip to center parcs. Every one gasps and Glimmer comes over to Peeta.

"Wanna be my partner?" she flutters her eyes  at Peeta. He smiles which gets me worried. What if he chooses her

"Sure!" my heart drops "But I like cats to much to go with you go kill cats by singing with someone else" he smirks. I smirk at her as well and sigh in relief.

"What we gonna sing?" I ask him. He thinks for a minute.

"Have you heard Katy Perry's New album?" he asks I nod eagerly. "What about the song Unconditional from it I think it described us well" he says I smile and agree we sit there for the rest of the lesson deciding who sings what


Omg thank you guys I have over one thousond reads on this. Thank you for also over 100 votes. you guys are amazing I'm sorry I haven't been updating I'm on hols still and I really thing Unconditional from Katy Perry new album 'Prism' describes Katniss and Peeta well. Thank you soo much I will update soon <3


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