Chapter 20

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"What?" I scream in her face

"You have been expelled along with fellow pupil Peeta Mellark" She says sternly "For going beyond the fence on district 12"  

"NONONONONO! Expel me but not Peeta its not his fault please" I cry tears streaming down my face.

"My desision has been made" She says "You may leave the premises Miss Everdeen Please Take MR Mellark with you aswell" She orders me out of the room. I slouch to my locker so much for a great year. I just cant believe i dragged Peeta into it aswell. Stupid! I slap myself in the forhead and i can feel it burning up how can i tell him. Our last year and ive gone and ruined it all. He is going to hate me! I grab my stuff from my locker and make my way to Peeta's Class. I walk up to Miss and explain everything she lets me take Peeta.

Confusion crosses his face. How could i do this to him? 

"Katniss? Whats going on?" 

"Im an Idiot thats what" I say sternly

"What? No Katniss your not an Idiot dont ever doubt yourself!" He looks me in the eye

"YOu wont think then when you find out what i have done" I begin to cry He uses his thumb and wipes away my lonley tear

"I will never change my opinions on you and why do you have all your stuff?" This is it this is where i tell him

"Ive been expelled" I start "and so have you.." I trail off tears spilling my eyes. Peeta turns away from me and walks off. He hates me i knew it


"Ive been expelled and so have you..." She says and bursts in to tears. I turn away and make my way to the principles office. I bang on the door and walk in

"Expelled huh? For what exactly?" I question her

"For going beyond the fence of district twelve" THe principle replies "Look i have already had this conversation with Katniss do i have to go through it all again

"Yes Actualy You Do!" I spit in her face. She explains everything and there is no way out of it. I walk out and make my way to my locker. Only to see Katniss CUrled up in a ball crying


I Slide down the wall in tears what have i done? I have messed uup not only my life but Peetas aswell. I am suprised when i feel strong arms wrap around me. Peeta

"I thought you were mad at me?"

"I could never be mad at you"

"I dont deserve you you know" He smiles and opens is locker and takes out his stuff

"I had an idea years ago my dad bought a house on the beach in district four for me when i grow up we could move there and find another school" I smile Were gonna start our own life just us too.

wait what about Prim??

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