Chapter 2

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Peetas POV

I walk round the back to where me and Katniss agreed to meet up but Delly finds me and blocks my way.

"Heyyyyyyyyy Peeta" She says lovingly ugh I really don't like her! I go to push past but she blocks my exit "Where you going don't you want to spend time with your girlfriend" She says

"FOR THE LAST TIME YOU AINT MY GIRLFRIEND AND NEVER WILL BE" I scream and trip her up I then run to the back of the school. she probably thinks I stood her up! I run my fastest to find Katniss passed out unconscious with a bruised and bloody face

"KATNISS!" I kneel down beside her and try to wake her up "KATNISS PLEASE AWNSER ME!" tears begin streaming down my face. I get my phone and call the ambulance. Where's her bag and phone and books? whoever done this must have taken them.

The ambulance arrives and asks me how it happened and where I was and what I was doing before I found her. I explained how her stuff was stolen and delly held me up. They let me hop in the ambulance and go to hospital with katniss .

Katniss's POV

I wake up in a white room and I see a blurry figure sitting next to me I can't make out who though? as my eyes adjust I see its Peeta he smiles when he sees me awake.

"What happened" I ask him only just seeing the tubes up my nose and lodes of stitches on my face. I must look so ugly.

"Someone punched you but no one knows who" Hmm who was it Marvel!

Flash back:

"No one here to help you now!" marvel says and punches me. it goes black and I go unconscious

End of flash back

"Marvel" I whisper " It was marvel" I say more boldly

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