Chapter 28

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Peeta's Pov:

I wait for an awnser. The grass tickling my knee. She takes a big breath looking confused. My smile drops. Shes gonna say no.

She's gonna say no

She's gonna say no

Her face suddenly breaks into a huge smile

"Yes" She breaths


I Stand up and place the ring on her finger before picking her up and spinning her round. The rest of the afternoon we spend in the meadow. Eventually it begins to get dark and I suggest we head back to the beach house. Katniss nods sleepily. 

As soon as we get home we walk up the marbel steps to sleep. I quickly have a shower and find Katniss fallen asleep on the bed. I change her into her onsie and tuck her in before climbing in with her. 


I wake up in bed. Last thing I remember I was waiting for Peeta. I look down and see im in my onesie. How? My mind drifts off again into darkness... 

I wake up again. Peeta is still asleep so I head downstairs and heat up some lamb stew that i didnt eat on the picnic yesterday. I hear light footsteps coming down the stairs. To light to be Peeta's. I turn to see Annie

"Good Morning" I smile to her

"Morning" She yawns. I turn back to the microwave to hear it beeping. I take out the stew and set it on the table dividing it in 2 bowls to share with Annie. She nods grate fully before speaking up. "Johanna and Gale are coming today" She says taking a spoonfull of the stew. She looks down and seemss fasinated by my hands. "KATNISS!" She Squeals.

"Yes" I say calmly

"Ok just confirm my confessions, what is that on your hand?" She asks smiling widly

"PEETA ENGAGED!" I scream excitedly

"NO THAT CANT HAPPEN" Gale shouts bursting through the door...

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