Chapter 27

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Katniss POV:

I walk through the door of the house gripping to Peeta's hand tightly. When he lets go and walks over to the kitchen. He grabs a vase and throws it against the wall the shattering makes me cringe. He runs around smashing things while i frantically run after him asking him to stop. Its no use though. I bash into someone.Finnick. Who has just come through the door. I try and catch my breath but i cant. Whn i begin speaking a glass flys right above us and we have to duck. I tell Finnick that Peetas gone crazy and soon enough were both running round trying to catch him.

Eventually we pin him against the wall. He squirms but our hold is to strong. 

"Peeta calm down everything is alright" I whisper. His breathing slows and he begins to speak

"i just don't want them to take you again- or even touch you- I need you and I don't want you to go"

"Shhh Shhh Im not going any where"


"Promise" Finnick goes back to Annie sensing we want time alone. Peeta takes me up to our bedroom and tells me to get changed into something nice. I dress in a red dress that goes down to my knees. I find the pearl necklace on the side with always engraved on it and slip it on. I walk down stairs and see Peeta in a black suit and a tie. I take his arm and he leads me to the car. As he starts the engine he says something i forgot about

"Auditions for the collage start tommorow, So we have to be up early" He says looking straight ahead at the road. We go off the path and in the car park. Peeta leads me into a meadow that i havn't seen before. He tells me to stay here and wait for him. I stand awkwardly waiting for him to return. When he does he is holding a picnic basket in his hands. He sets down the picnic blanket and gets out the food while i sit down. He made lamb stew, Cheese buns and got some drinks. I start with the cheese buns.

Eventually I can't fit anymore food in me. Peeta tells me to stand up. I do as im told. He gets down on one knee and reveals a black box with a ring inside. My heart rate speeds up thumping against my chest.

"Katniss Everdeen, I have loved you since I first layed eyes on you, Your smile the ways your eyes bright up when you see me and everything about you. You make me feel full. Katniss Everdeen will you do me the honor of marrying me?"

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