Chapter 26

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Peetas POV:

it has been two days since I have seen my beautiful Katniss. The police are investigating. They have come up with nothing and I am losing my patients. I have decided to take matters into my own hands. I start by going back to the restraunt where it all started. I step over the police line and make my way to the girls bathroom. As soon as I get in I notice something I didn't before. A single pendent on the floor. I make my way to it and flip it over in my fingers its icy cold surface brushing against my skin. It has initials engraved in it G&M. It makes no sense at the start until i realise. Glimmer and Marvel. Well first clue. They took her. Oh I am going to get them! I speed off to Marvels house. I bash down the door and head to the basement. I can hear screams. Katniss. I rush down the stairs. I see Marvel and Glimmer asleep on the couch and Katniss behind them tied up in a chair screaming her head off. I creep around Glimmer and Marvel. Katniss stops screaming when she see's me. I untie her and rush out the house with her in my arms. I sprint to the police station and explain everything to them. They go to Marvel's house and arrest Marvel and Glimmer. They say the trial will be next week. Until then I am going to spend as much time with Katniss as i can!


We listen to the judge make his verdict. Katniss squeezes my hand tightly.

"We agree that Glimmer and Marvel will be fined but not arrested" WHAT! WHaT?! WHat?!?!? NO! NO! NO! This cannot be happening. Everyone exits the building. I never let go of Katniss' hand.

As soon as we enter our beach house I GO mental.


As soon as we enter the beach house Peeta let's his anger out. He begins throwing vases and glasses against the wall. Each contact making me flinch.

"PEETA!" I scream as he keeps destroying the house. I try grabbing him but he is way to strong for me "PEETA STOP!" He doesn't listen. If he doesn't soon the house is going to be destroyed. Finnick and Annie come threw the door when I'm running after Peeta like a wild rabbit. Finnick catches my arm and spins me round

"What is going on?" he asks calmly

"PEETAS GONE MENTAL" I scream panting. Suddenly a vase fly's above our heads and smashes against the wall.

"Damn I bet that vase was expensive!" Finnick jokes

"SHUT UP!" I holler and he follows me down the hall leaving Annie at the door. 

Eventually we get Peeta and pin him to the wall, arms behind his back. Slowly he calms down.

"Peeta its alright it doesnt matter don't let them get to you" I whisper

"I just don't want them taking my girl away again" He looks down with his red puffy eyes

"and they wont"



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