Chapter Eleven

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Daniel's P.O.V

She looked pretty. She always had. I fought the urge to kiss her after every single minute we spent together. And when she stared at me, I felt I made the right choice making her my wife.

She looked disappointed when we entered the car. I know what she wanted and I'll give her that when we arrive.

"Wait, I'll open the door for you."

I did and she smiled, her lips touching her beautiful. I gave her my hand which she took. She got down and she looked around.

"The place looks nice," she appreciated, smiling even more.

"Yes. And you are looking good, beautiful, suave, stylish, elegant, pretty..."

Words couldn't describe how she is looking at the moment. She was blushing and that alone was a turn on. I pull her to me while I kissed her.

"Hmm? Thanks. You are not so bad yourself."

I smiled and wrapped my hand around her waist. I look forward to a romantic night today.

I pulled the chair for her to sit on which made her smile. Her smile was welcoming.

As we sat, a waitress walked to us. She smiled and both Jennifer and I could sense she was trying to seduce one of us.

When she left, I saw a big frown on my wife's face.

"Why that face? What? Don't tell me you are jealous. You can't blame me, I'm handsome, what do you expect? I always tell you, you are the lucky one."

She folded her arms across her chest. She glared at the waitress as she came back to our table.

This time, I decided to take a good look at her. When I did, I noticed she wasn't trying to flirt with me, but with my wife.

What the hell!

"Please your food will be served any moment from now. For now, I'll serve the drinks. Here."

She kept smiling at Jennifer. A strand of hair falls on her face and the waitress raises her hand to pull it back. I quickly held her hand. Not on my watch

"Thank you. Your service wouldn't be needed for now. Stay away. Only come here when our order is ready."

She noded and winked at Jennifer before leaving.

"What? Are you jealous now? Oh, what happened to your confidence?"

"So you realized," my voice sounded bored, tired and wanting to leave already.

"Yes, why did you send her away? I was enjoying her smiles."

Anger flushed within me.

"Shut up, I don't want to get angry tonight. A girl is interested in you and you find it interesting?"

"Yeah, this is my first time ever experiencing this. Let me enjoy it."

After what she said, the waitress walked up to us again with our food. I cast an angry look at her. My wife smiled back at her, welcoming her even more.

"And here is your food. Please enjoy."

She left and Jennifer laughed. I kept my anger within me, not wanting to outburst since I knew what it would be like if I did.

We were almost done when the waitress walked up to our table...again.

God so help  me or else, I would not mind if I were the first or last person to beat a lady in this restaurant.

"Oh, you are here again. I was missing you. You have a nice skin. But I like your lips more."

She was doing this on purpose. And I won't forgive her. She was enjoying this...ignoring the signals I was giving her. I practically flushed an angry look at her, clenching and unclenching my fist, yet she chose to ignore.

"Oh yours too. Please how do you find the food?"

"We were enjoying it until you showed up," I snapped, extending my anger.

"Don't mind him. He doesn't like it when he eats food from outside...oh, food not prepared by him."

"Oh, I see. Yes, this is my number. You can call me anytime. I'll always pick up."

I take the number from her.

"You better back off or else I will have you fired!"

She eyed me and within a minute she was gone.

"Let's go! I don't care if I ruined this night. It was already ruined."

She gets up sensing my anger, laughing and enjoying my mood.


"What the hell went on in the restaurant?"

I was getting angry and her silence only made it worse. She looked else where, trying to hide her smile and I was controlling every urge I had to punish her.

"You got to be kidding me. The fact that I have been..." I couldn't even find the words.

"Was she ignorant or stupid? You went there with a man and what did she think? That you will run off with her? Didn't she see a ring on your finger?"

"You are not serious right? You can't tell me the mighty charmer fell out of charms. How can you be jealous over a girl? I'm hurt. At least accuse me when it's a man we are dealing with, you know I only have eyes for you," she joked, smiling even more.

I grabbed her arm and from nowhere, she kissed me. I loosened my hold on her arm. I clearly understand the invitation. Well that was a good move.

She wrapped her arms around me. All I could think of was her sweet smell, she smelled of chocolate.


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