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Unchain my Heart(completed)

"Mariana, please for crying out loud, stop this game. They both don't deserve this," I said while walking toward her.

"They wouldn't find out. Don't ask me to choose because I can't and won't. I love Eben and I'm doing Richard a favour by not breaking his heart. You should've looked at the guy who begged me to give him a chance. Besides he's rich and is always there and available whenever Eben ignores and rejects me sometimes."

"Goodness!!! What do you need? Your family has it all. You cannot do this to Richard. He's a good, kindhearted and a handsome young man. Don't take his love for granted. He needs someone who will love and cherish him." I said with so much anger.

Mariana stares at me for a while and said, "Roselyn, you have fallen in love with him, right? Is that what this is all about? Answer me!!! Isn't it? Am I correct?"


Mariana and I have been best friends for more than four years now. She was always sweet and lovely until Richard showed up. He was everything a Lady will need in a man.

I fell for him the very moment I set my eyes on him but he was already in love with Mariana. It was sad always seeing her play with Richard's heart. I could give him more and all my best friend could give him, was nothing but deceit and lies.

I have to cover up for her all the time, which hurts me more than anything else. I am been torn between my best friend whom I have been together with for more than four years and a man who only sees me as his girlfriend's best friend.

Until one night...


Between Love and Wealth

Rose loved her elder sister; Lisa so much that she could do anything to make her happy. Lisa was always happy until her husband suddenly disappeared. Which left Rose no choice than to tell Lisa about her being the successor of their grandmother's spells, magic and power.
Rose promised her sister she'd do anything to bring her husband back with or without magic.

Rose was behind the door when she heard her brother in-law telling her sister why he left. He was getting married to a wealthy woman who can turn his life around without sweat. Rose couldn't take it anymore and on an impulse, she cursed Bernard and his entire generation. She rained all the curses she could think of. But what bothered him the most is; He would never be successful and find love at the same time.
Without remorse, Bernard angrily left the house to pursue his dream marriage and life.

That same day, Lisa was given the results about her being pregnant.
The grand daughter who bore the curse became furious about it that, she went away in search of her grandfather; for her inheritance since she couldn't find both Love and wealth at the same time and also break the curse
What Bernard didn't know was his curse was now on its way coming.


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