Chapter Thirty

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Daniel's P.O.V

Months later.

I gently wait outside. I asked my driver to pick her up. It's been almost twenty minutes since I got here.

I pace around thinking she'll not come or something bad has happened to her.

She has come to mean a lot to me. If something bad happens to her, I think I'll...

I didn't finish before I see my driver, opening the door for her to step out.

She looks really pretty. I smile at her and she does same.

I open the door for her to enter. While we get to our seats, I push the chair for her to sit on.

She looks elegant. Her flawless face tickles my cheeks as I bend to give her a gentle kiss.

I sit and smile again at her, "You look beautiful. I almost didn't recognize you, if not for my driver."

She blushes and I chuckle.

"Sorry we were late. I wanted to look beautiful... For you."

"Your effort didn't go wasted. You look like an angel," which is true.

"You shaved. You look more handsome, why don't you shave more often? Hmmm, hiding all that to yourself, I see," she jokes with a teasing smile.

Yeah, I shaved.

I begin to smile while looking around. It's been a while since I last step foot here. The place reminds me of Jennifer. The waitress who didn't care I was around. Who flirted with her right under my nose. Thinking and remembering it now, it looks and sounds funny.

I was jealous and angry at the same time, which wasn't necessary.

"You seem lost," Chloe draws me back to her with her sweet innocent voice.

"Yes, just remembering a few things."


"The meal was great. How did you know this place? It's also expensive. "

"Are you seriously asking me this? You can't be serious right?"

She shyly smiles as she nods her head gently.

My eyes falls on her lips. I begin to think about how they felt when I kissed them days ago. I move my eyes to hers. They were already staring at me.

The tension is building around us, her chest heaving. She is nervous and that is making me too.

It's frustrating while I don't know what she wants. If I touch her while she's not into that or doesn't want me to, I'll feel stupid.

I'm older, I'm supposed to show her the right path. As far as we've went is sharing a kiss.

"So should I drop you off or my driver should?" I question, hoping she'll make the choice herself.

"You should. I'll be glad if you do. How is Mia?"

"She's fine. I'm sure she misses you. You can come tomorrow to see her," which she always does every day.

"I'll be glad to."

Once we hit the road, an awkward silence settles between us. She smiles at me anytime I steal glances at her.


"And here we are, sweetheart," I announce, saying it a little higher than I intended.

"Are you not coming in?" She asks with hope in her eyes.

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