Chapter Thirty Three

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Daniel's P.O.V

Elvis and I decide to come in the same car. All that Leah has said about Chloe's mother keeps playing in my head since last night.

I'm really bothered with her behavior. But what if she doesn't like me? Most mothers don't like their daughters to be second wives or a wife of a man whose first wife died.

Or a man with a child.

Especially when their daughter is as young as Chloe. I just don't know but I think I'll be sick tomorrow morning.

If she puts on that character of hers, I have no choice than to treat her like one of my arrogant business partners.

Elvis and I knock on the door and Eunice opens us with a big smile. Oh she's already enjoying this.

"Oh it's you two. Why didn't you use the bell?"

Oh is there a bell here? I forgot. God, I'm so nervous.

"It seems someone is nervous here."

Oh get out both of you. If I'm not mistaking, we both knocked on the door.

"Come in. Chloe has been waiting for you, she didn't sleep all night. She slept in the morning. But her mama had to wake her up."

We both enter and God, this woman is pretty. I thought my mother is the most prettiest woman I have ever met, but trust me, I now know what beauty is when I see one.

I guess I know where Chloe took her beauty from. And where she got those huge hips and....

What? I'm here to have lunch with her mother and aunty and all I can think of is her...I can't afford to have my member poking through my trouser. It will be a total discomfort.

"Just in time. Now you both come and sit," The woman announces without smiling. She didn't even look at us or see us for more than three seconds.

Wow, just wow!

I also put on my no nonsense mask on. Two can play, ma'am. Hope you stick to your plan to the end...what am I even saying?

Elvis and I both sit. I didn't want to sit by Chloe. I didn't want any problem sitting closer to her.

She looks pretty just in her high waist jeans and t shirt. She's without make up. And it's like she had plan with Eunice, because she's also wearing something similar to hers.


Lunch was deadly quiet. Chloe and I stole glances at each other. Other than that we both didn't dare do anything. It was like we were just the boss and his employee.

Then her mother comes out from the kitchen with apples slices on plates.

She handed it to Elvis first. He picked one plate and pass the rest around.

"Guess it is time to talk," her mother breaks the silence as a little smile broke her serious face.

I can't see Leah around. She left before we could leave the house. I didn't know how Leah will think about me being Chloe's boyfriend or fiancé but I know she's okau with me being her boss.

"So you are Daniel. Nice to meet you gentleman."

I can't say same but what are...

I smile at her and nod.

"It's a pleasure, Mrs Dante."

Chloe frowns and I plead with my eyes for her to understand.

"First of all I don't think she's old enough and she thinks she loves you and wants to spend the rest of her life with you. But you are older. And so I think the best..."

I knew she'd be saying this. But I'm not giving up on my love for her daughter.

"Best thing is, you make her happy always."

What the...This woman is toying with me. I can see her smirking. I let out a loud sigh. She notices and smiles widely.

"But in my opinion, when she first told me about you, I was like no! I won't let my daughter marry you. And when this crazy girl here..."

She says, pointing at Eunice.

"...came over, she said so many things about you and I was like no! I'm still not convinced. I was so eager to make your life miserable, so you'll say, 'woman I'm not interested in your daughter anymore.' But you just have  to walk through that door with so much elegance and handsomeness to change my mind. Chloe you didn't describe him well. He's so...I don't know...just what I wished for you."

Isn't this woman strange? She was giving me a heart attack looks, only to tell me this?

Then I see her hitting Chloe and Eunice.

What the...? I try stopping her but she raises her hand and says, "hmm-hmm. It is not yet your turn young men. Relax, I'll get back to you."

This woman is a psycho. But i think I love her. She's a little bit like my grandmother.

I wonder how she manages in court. I'm sure she's always thrown out while defending someone. One day I'll let her invite me to watch her in court. I bet she beats the judge when things don't go in her favor.

"These girls didn't tell me how handsome you both are. I was thinking you both were old men and...ugh...I had so many plans. Guess I'll use all of them on that miserable fool who did nothing but to let her cry ever since she got here.

Oh... Ooops... That is still me.

I am saved by whoever entered the room.

Oh it's Leah.

"Hi, sorry I'm late. I was getting something. I didn't know I'd keep that long."

I clear my throat and she opens her eyes widely.

"Hey, what are you both doing here? Did Eunice invite you?” she assumes, unloading the items from the weaved basket.

"Nope, I did," Chloe's mother tells with pride in her eyes.

Leah frowns and Chloe smiles at her.

"You didn't even know he's her boyfriend... Or fiancé. They both kept using both....I don't know which is which."

Really? That is great to hear. Oh, that's nice.

"And how did you know him?" Chloe's mother questions, he arms wrapped a flask.

"Crystal first of all he's one of the richest men in this country and beyond."

Oh so she's Crystal. She widens her eyes. She didn't expect that. Yeah I need a shirt that has those words then.

"And secondly, he's my boss. Father of Mia."

"Holy shit!"

Did I hear Crystal saying holy shit? Or was it Eunice?


Everything was going fine until Elvis had to open his big mouth.

"Crystal, I think it is best if someone told you this. The guy you are so angry about. And wanting to kill is no other than Daniel. He made your daughter's life miserable when she arrived."

Chloe and I both look at him immediately.

Why did he say that?


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