Chapter Ten

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Jennifer's P.O.V

I gently entered our bedroom. It had a big bed, bigger than what I had imagined. The room was well decorated. Nothing feminine but I still liked it.

I quickly changed into my night gown and walked into the bathroom. The place was huge. Everything was neatly arranged.

After taking my bath, I eased myself on the bed. Sleep was taking over my body when I heard my husband's voice telling me to wake up.

"Why? I'm too tired. I want to sleep," I complained, spreading hitting him on my mind.

"Get up and eat. You can sleep after you eat. There is no way I'm letting you sleep without eating," mum is that you?

I sighed and got out of bed. I was hoping to eat with him but he had already eaten. I sat alone at the dinning table, drawn in my thoughts.

We didn't decide if we were going to share the same room. The rooms were locked...except one. That was the one I entered. And everything seemed ready. Whether is was mine or his, It wasn't as if cared.

After eating, I washed the plates and headed back into the bedroom. He was taking his bath. I wished I was in there with him, I mean, it was our honeymoon.

He opened the door and we both stared into each other's eyes. I swallowed as my eyes traveled to his chest. Goodness, this man is gorgeous,  my thoughts drifted to our first night together and how badly I wanted him.

He chuckled and simply cautioned,"If you start the night like this, it will be hard for you to control yourself."

To hell with him! Who said I wanted to control myself? I wanted him, he was my husband. Even though I was tired, I was willing to sacrifice. Couldn't he see it?

"We didn't discuss if we are going to..."

"Consummate our marriage? What do you think? That I married you to worship you?" I was hoping so.  I rolled my eyes and folded my arms.

So frustrating. Such a Being. What bad luck do I have? What wrong have I done against my stars?

I smiled at him. He dried his hair and i kept staring at him.

"You look tired. Go ahead and sleep. I have work to take care of."

"Work? But we are on our honeymoon."

"Tsk. So what do you suggest we do?"

He looked angry. I was expecting something romantic. The room was already set for that thanks to Euncie. Everything is perfect except the atmosphere.

"Fine, I will sleep now. Do whatever you want."

He eyed me before leaving. There was nothing I could do.


It was already morning and the smell of pancakes hit my nose and I knew my husband was already in the kitchen.

I walked downstairs after taking my bath. He looked perfectly fine for someone who stayed up all night working.

"Good morning sleeping beauty."

"Hello. Where did you sleep yesterday?"

"Where else? Our bed of course."

He said,"our" I started dancing but only in my head.

That word alone was enough for my heart to beat fast.

"I didn't know. How come you didn't wake me up?"

"You were busily moaning my name and I liked the way my name sounded on your lips."

Moaning his name? How come?

"Since when did you develop that?"

"You are telling lies. I don't do that."

A beautiful smirk displayed on his lips as he continued with his breakfast.

It seemed someone woke up in a good mood today. He looked more handsome with his smiling face.

"We will be going out for dinner tonight. I'm not really familiar with romantic dates so take it or leave it," he sounded serious now.

I shook my head in acceptance and he got up with his plate. I also did same after a few minutes.

He was working so I did same. I brought a lot of stories with edit.

It went on for hours, I lost track of time. To normal people, they'd say, it was boring. But to me, as far as I have him by my side, I felt Okay and happy.

It was seven in the evening and he barked from the kitchen. At the moment, I knew what he meant. He came out and walked into the bedroom.

I had already taken my bath and he had also.

"Don't worry, I will iron the clothes. Bring yours. And go put on your makeup. I know it will take hours...Go."

"Why don't you make me do these things? You cook and now you want to do the ironing? Why don't you want me to do them?"

"I don't let you cook because I don't trust you with with my food. And for the ironing, you can do it anytime. For now, if you do it, we'll be late. Trust me."

He doesn't trust me with his food? Why will he think that? Did I fall for the wrong guy? Or it is he, who has trust issues.

I was hurt. He couldn't be serious. Why would he think that? Doesn't he know I love him? Haven't I proven to him, I will do anything now for him? Or my efforts are not enough. Okay maybe I haven't proven anything to him but to me I have.

I walked to my wardrobe. I find a black dress with cuts at both sides and another cut behind. The dress had a low neck and it was sleeveless.

Perfect! I would wear this.

I walked toward him with a smile on my face, hoping he liked the dress I chose. He took the dress from me and laid it in front of him. A frown showed on his forehead, drawing fainted lines.

Oh, not good. Not so good.

"What is this?"

He asked and all I could do is stare.

"I'm taking you to a restaurant and not to a club. Goodness. Are you changing the dress or not?!!!"

I turned to go for another dress. I didn't want to provoke him. That is the last thing I wanted to do tonight.

I picked a red dress which hued my hips perfectly well. It wasn't long and neither was it short, what do we call it? Three quarters.

He seemed OK with the dress, so I wore it and we left.


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