Chapter Fourteen

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Jennifer's P.O.V

"What happened after you fainted?" Eunice let out a bitter laughter which got me...frightened.

"When you fainted, we all got scared. Chris quickly carried you into the car. We didn't know what to do, whether to take you home or the hospital. We decided to bring you home. We thought maybe it was because you were a little drunk." She laughed some more before going on.

"While we approached the house, we noticed the lights were on. I quickly took my phone to ask Elvis if they were already home. I was ready to insult him if he had said yes. Then I saw more than necessary missed calls on my phone and on yours. I was scared your husband wouldn't be OK with Chris around you...drunk, and off. So I asked him to go back. He did."

She shook her head, then she continued, "When we came in, an angry...oh God, I almost thought he was possessed. He took you from my hold and flushed an angry look at me. He came down to face me. He said horrible things to me...Elvis was also mad. I told him we were going for shopping... He said he'll make sure the club is closed down. He was really serious about that."

Why will he do that? I went there on my own...yeah with Eunice and Paige...but I wasn't forced.

Was I?

I got drunk on my own. Nobody forced me. If I'm not mistaken, I forced Paige to dance. Daniel please come home so we can talk.

"Elvis is in his room. He doesn't even want to see my face. He's angry because, his best friend is angry with him. But what about me? I'm also his best friend."

"I will talk to him. Don't worry. He might listen to me."

"I'm sure he'll kick you out. Just don't go. I think they are overreacting. I mean, not that we always go there."


"You, you, you what? You are not good at drinking alcohol. You kept drinking everything... Saying it was the best wine you've ever tasted. You wouldn't give up on the glass. It wasn't even wine. You even ate all the lime we were served with." She told in a rush.

"It is because, I might be pregnant. The doctor said..."

She widened her eyes and shouted. I could possibly hear her; she knew that.

"Sorry, I forgot," I whispered.

"You forgot? What sort of a mother are you planning on becoming? I'm sure you still remember your wedding date. Your doctor just told you, you could be pregnant and all you could do is forget?" Eunice was furious.

"I'm sorry. I...I...I was overwhelmed. I didn't know what to do."

"You used that same word to describe how you felt on your graduation day... You didn't forget it. On the contrary, you woke everybody up, four hours before the time."


Oh Eunice. I wouldn't know what to do if she joins the club; I'm also angry at you club. Everybody is angry with me. She's my last hope. She shouldn't too.

I made an effort to get up.

"And where to?" A voice laced with anger stopped me.

"I have to take my bath. Or?"

When I reached the door, I quickly went out before she could stop me.

I knew the room Elvis was in. It wasn't locked. So when I knocked and he didn't respond, I entered.

"Hi?" I called out.


"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have..."

"I'm not blaming you. I should blame your cousin, right?" he stated, seeming bored.

"You guys are forgetting something here. I'm not a teenager or a patient in a hospital," I tried defending, folding my arms together.

"Yeah, great. So I should be the one blamed," Eunice spat while charging into the room.

"Yes, you told me you were going for shopping and you ended up in a club. Which dictionary do you use?"

"I have had enough of you two. Please, if someone should be blamed, it should be me! Please, Elvis."

"Yes, it should be her. And not me. I'm going home," she started to leave the room.

"No, it is late. Stay," Elvis quickly suggested. Eunice gave him a questioning look.

"If you want to leave because of me, don't worry I will leave," he again offered, looking down at his feet.

"Oh so you think I'm weak? You think you can fight any obstacle and I can't? Funny you!"

OK I'm done with this.

"I'm not saying you are weak. And of course you know I fight better than you do," he tried to joke which my cousin didn't even bat an eye.

OK, now what?

"If you two keep doing this, you might fall in love," I teased with a smile, hoping to lighten up the mood.

"What? He's not my type," Oh I saw red creeping out from her chin.

"Neither are you," His answer was nothing but a whisper.

Tch, we don't need types to fall in love. I decided to keep quiet and move out so they'd fight some more.


Why isn't he picking up my calls? Is he that mad? Is he with someone else? Why am I feeling this way?

I keep pacing around the room like a frustrated wind. He should be here by now but there is no sign of him.

I have taken my bathe and still there's no sign of him.

I can't even sleep. I keep drinking water each and every minute. I could taste the tears on my lips.

Suddenly the door opens then my heart skips a beat.

"You are home." I state while he ignores me.

He goes into the bathroom and I contemplate whether to enter or not.

Probably he'd be bathing with cold water. And I am feeling cold too.

He comes out with a towel around his waist.

"Please forgive me. I know I did wrong. I'm the first to..."

I couldn't finish my statement before he glares at me with...hatred, anger... I just didn't know what it is that was in his eyes.

"Sorry. It's just that, I have been busy and all..."

That was making it worse I know.

"Please look at me. Talk to me. I promise it won't happen again. Trust me."

"Trust you? I should trust you?" he finally outburst, still not casting me a gentle look.

I feel my heart melting.

"Tell me, why should I trust you?"

"Because I love you."


OK, so end of another chapter. Thanks for reading.

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