Chapter Sixteen

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Daniel's P.O.V

"I did!" she exclaimes, cheerfully.

"You did. When?"

"I knew you'll say it so I did it. I received my congratulations first. What? Don't I have the right to tell my family I'm expecting a child?"

This woman! So that is why out of the blue mood, grandmother wishes to see us urgently...I almost thought she was on her dying bed.

"You've made us the happiest family in the whole world. I'll give anything to hear that information again. I can't believe I'm going to be a great grandmother. I'm seventy one and..."

"What? I always thought you were sixty five," Jennifer compliments with so much shock in her voice.

"Enough of the talking let's eat and after that, we'll talk," my mother offers, taking her seat close to my grandmum's.


"You know what? Let's play this game. How best do you know each other?" My grandmother suggests. Jennifer becomes nervous and I know what she's thinking about. In some way, she barely knows me.

"We are eight. So we divide ourselves into two groups. In the group, we choose our partners. I'll do it with your mother. My in-laws are already a perfect match. Elvis and Eunice, Jenny and Danny."

Danny? Disgusting. Am I still a kid?

"Oh so you've already divided us. It's kind of a hot seat for two. Great!" Elvis clarifies, clapping her palms together as he assures us his victory.

"So here we go. Elvis and Eunice, we are starting with you," Jennifer's mother ordered as she hears them brag of their friendship.

"No, let's start with Jennifer and Daniel. That is what you want to do. If you start with us, they'll both make an excuse when it gets to their turn. And besides, it is getting late," Eunice bargains, showing me a smirk. Smart ass.

"She's telling the truth. Are you ready? Good! Don't think you'll lie, we are here,"of course mum.

"What is your wife's favorite colour?"

Jennifer nervously stares at me. She bites her nails, holding her breath also.

"Black. Sometimes she loves blue when she's reading romance."

I wink at her while she shows how surprised she is.

"You? What's your answer?"

I know she doesn't know what to say. But I hope she's smart enough to say something.

"Green. His favorite colour is Green."

That takes me by surprise. How did she know?

"Great! So what was her favorite food when he was young?" Eunice throws in a question.

"Food is anything liquid or solid," I didn't mean to say that aloud.

Every girl loves pizza...right? I have to make a guess. Yeah, I remember.

"She loves her father's Pie. So it's Pie," I answer, confidence oozing through me.

"Wow, you?"

"He loves...erm, pass. I'll answer later," she excuses, pouting her little lips.

Everyone laughs, including me.

"What's the number one most played song on her iPad?" Jennifer's mum asks, raising her own phone.

"Let me answer first! Stitches, by Shawn Mendes."

Oh she knows this one. I smile. At least she boldly knows one thing about me.

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