Chapter Eighteen

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Jennifer's P.O.V.

*A year later*

It's been a year now and Mia has only brought nothing but joy into our lives. She has her father's nose and my lips. Small and cute.

She's gotten dimples too and whenever she laughs I can't help but hug her. She hardly cries. She eats less and smiles often.

She sleeps often and when she's awake, she bites the nose of anybody who tries to carry her.

Daniel has not changed one bit. He's still possessive, demanding, and annoying.

He cares a lot for our daughter. Sometimes he behaves like he cares and loves me.

Whenever I ask, he tells me something which it so bad to hear.

And great! He still cooks. He has only tasted my pastries, not my food.

As I keep thinking, Daniel shouts on top of his voice, "I have been talking to you since I got here."

"What is it?"

"Nothing. How is Mia?"

"She's sleeping. You look bothered. Tell me."

"Fine I will but you are not going anywhere...the company is on fire."

"Which company? What side of it? What company? Tell me," my heart starts to beat harder and faster.

"The publishing company. And you are not going any where," he quickly says, his eyes wider.

What? My company is burning and he expects me to sit with my arms crossed? No that is my life. It can't burn like that."

"Which side? Please tell me."

"The electronic room. The lights went out and I think...or wait, someone planned it," his brows set in confusion.

Who will do such a thing. I have to go there.

Daniel walks upstairs to our room. And I quickly take the car keys and off I left the house.

As I drive, Daniel calls, but I didn't pick up.

As I get closer, I hear the noises coming from the compound. People have gathered around the building, screaming and crying. I didn't know what to do so I rush into the crowd. Nobody even recognizes me and so I take a turn, through the side door. I hear a voice calling me but I ignore but not until I saw his uniform, he was a security guard.

Daniel wouldn't stop calling so I immediately pick up the call. I know he's furious with me so to make it less serious, I try to laugh.

"Where are you? Didn't I ask you not to go? Come back here," he barks into the phone.

"I want to go and see if I can help with anything," I can feel my tears dropping into my mouth.

"Return back home now. I don't think you want to make me more angry. What? Are you going to off the fire with your tears? Don't make me angry."

As I listen to him, I forget I am walking inside the building that is on fire. I was determined to see what is left of the building.

So I cut the call and put the phone into my pocket.

I then didn't see the boxes packed in from of me, I trip over them and fall unto my knees. I think the contact lenses are not at the right place due to the tears flowing down my cheeks.

I can do this

I say to myself as i try getting up, only to bump into the metal door. It is hotter than...oh no the metal door is the only thing saving me from the fire. I need to get out of here.

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