Chapter Nine

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Jennifer's P.O.V

How time flies, Just last week I was freaking out about meeting his  family. Here I was, dressed up in a wedding gown. I still got to use the wedding gown mum made for me.

"Hey, you look amazing. Mum did a great job," Eunice said with dreamy eyes. She was so obsessed with wedding events; she'd watch them on YouTube and exhaust all her data, hence exhausting mine as well.

"You are marrying the hottest bachelor I have known so far. Oh, I think I'll be needing your strategy," she teased while she picked up her phone.

My mum came in and hugged me as if she will never see me again.

"Oh my dear, I'll miss you so much. Please take care of your husband. Make him your king," here comes the royal family.

"Mum you are going to ruin her make-up. Say these things when the wedding is over," Eunice advised, laughing and punching me on my shoulder.

"Where are all these guests from? I thought you were an introvert. How come you invited all these people?" mum enquired as she looked at Eunice and me.

I, in return glare at Eunice who kept smiling.

"I invited them. Some are friends from high school. Most are from College. Not much from the University. I mostly invited those who made a bet they'll be getting married before you."

"You are crazy."

Just then two of them entered the room with big smiles.

"Who would've thought? You took us by surprise," that made the two of us, I took me by surprise too.

"Trust me. Wait, your fiancé won the youngest richest bachelor of the year...too bad he's out of the league this year. Where did you meet him? You hardly go out. Tell me," one whined for an answer.

"Eunice introduced us," Eunice cast a questioning look at me. Well, it wasn't a lie. She brought the plan and she asked his friend to help. And the friend later, asked his friend to do it.

"Eunice? Do you have many male friends like that? I should be the next on your list."

Eunice got irritated by what she said and shouted,"Get out! I don't share husbands. Get out!"

She pushed them all out, shutting the door behind them.

"Next on whose list? So annoying. If I had friends like him, I wouldn't even for a second think about setting her up with him. Lazy fool."

I laughed so hard, my intestines felt like poking out of my belly.

"We'll be getting late if we keep doing this. Let's hurry up."


He looked gorgeous. His smile melted my nervousness. His eyes showed me how incredible I look; he looked at me in awe? He kept staring at me as if I were the only person present. Well obviously it was my day.

He was the man of my dreams; the type we mostly read in books and watched on TV. He was just everything a woman would need in a man or probably on a man.

And today, as my dad walked me down the aisle, I knew no matter what, this man was mine to keep.

My dad handed me over to him and with a bright smile he held me closer.

The priest started, "Brothers and sisters we are gathered here to celebrate the holy matrimony of our dear Mr. Daniel Johnson and Ms. Jennifer Claves who have undergone all the procedures and want to be one in flesh and soul. In the eyes of God."

As the ceremony went on, I lost track of time. I kept staring at him and he did same.

I hear the priest asking him something which he replied, "Yes I do."

That was the moment I mostly feared. I had read books which one of them said, no I don't.

"Ms. Claves, do you take Mr. Johnson to be your beloved husband? In sickness and in health? In happiness and in sadness? In pain and in strength? Till death do you apart?"

I gently said, "Yes, I do." while deep down I wanted to scream my answer in joy.

He smiled at me and I couldn't help but do same. I was anxious at first but after sharing and saying the vows, I felt like a burden was been lifted from my shoulders.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss your bride."

After what the priest stated, he turns to face me. I looked shyly at him and he chuckled...then smiled, showing off his dimples. He held my head and placed a kiss on my forehead. Part of me was disappointed and part of me was glad he did that.

He leaned in and whispered, "I'll give you a proper kiss when we are alone."

I found myself blushing. He smirked and held my hand and together with everybody, we left.

We took pictures together. Eunice had badly wanted a bridal dance and if I were to omit that in my wedding, I was so sure she'd be the one to stop the wedding.

We had our bridal dance. And that took my husband by surprise... Because I danced very well. He looked  shocked that when I came to sit beside him after changing, he kept looking at me as if he couldn't recognize me.

"You dance well," Elvis complimented with a smile.

"She dances better than I do. She always hide that talent. I will be a fool if I hadn't forced this," Eunice chipped in with a big smile.

"Hello," I called to my husband who kept looking at me.

"This is your last time dancing in public."

What? Was I not good? This is the first time someone had hated me dancing. Like anyone who watched me danced the first time would always want me to dance more.

"What?" I questioned as my stare bore into his eyes, to make sure I heard him well.

"Did you see how all the men were undressing you with their eyes? You are not dancing in public again. If you feel like dancing, do it when we're alone. And do not wear that type of dress again. The type you used to dance."

"Oh I forgot to tell you. Your husband is very possessive. Once you are his, no one touches you," Elvis sang, smiling at me.

Daniel was angry and for fifteen minutes, I almost thought he'd never talk to me.

Couple's dance was next and I was scared to ask him if we could still do it. Besides it won't be called couples dance if the other half wasn't going to participate. He looked scary and for once I was scared of him.

"Are you ready?" His question took me by surprise. His eyes softened and a little smile appeared on his lips. I gently put my hand in his.

The place was quiet as we danced. Then all of a sudden everyone kept shouting, "Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!" which by the way was started Eunice and then Elvis joined, then followed everyone else.

He smiled and without warning, he kissed me. We kept kissing and as we broke the kiss I gasp for air.


It was time for us to leave. I shed tears as they all advised us. I wondered how marriage life was going to be like and before I realized, everyone was waving at us.

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