Chapter Forty Three

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Chloe's P.O.V

I feel so tired and happy at the same time. He looks fine. I feel guilty for not telling him I'm carrying his child. Even his grandmother and mother doesn't know.

After arriving yesterday, I have seen how much I have missed the city. It's always busy. Nobody caring what happens to the other, no body looking at any body when he or she does something...

It took me more than a week to convince my mother to allow me to come back here.

I call her the moment I wake up.

"Hey mum," I cheerfully said.

"I know you are not OK. Stop pretending. But I'm glad you are trying. Have you taken your medicine? Have you been eating?"

I giggle and I hear her chuckle. How long has it been? I just left her place yesterday and she's acting as if I left more than weeks ago.

"Yes mum. I'm fine. Everything is fine. I took my meds and I'm eating well."

"OK, I hope you are not telling lies. Just take care, ok?"

I nod and realize she can't see me.

"Hmm. Mum I will call you later. You too take care."

"Sure, bye."

"Hmm, bye."

I have been staying with Eunice since she thinks I wouldn't take good care of myself. I really love her. She's like the elder sister I never had.

Elvis is no different. He's an angel.

They both keep staring at me and I realize they've asked a question about five minutes ago. I stare back at them.

"In case you didn't hear me, do you realize he's not falling for our jealousy plan? He's so much in control of his emotions."

Eunice said while slamming herself into the chair.

"We talked yesterday. He's a confused man. I even suggested we take him to the hospital. I fear he's sick."

I become worried. What if Elvis's words are true?

"I doubt. Stop scaring Chloe. You know what the doctor said. She needs to get rid of stress," Eunice said.

I look down at my nails and begin to chew them. They see how nervous I am and Eunice quickly take my hands in hers.

"Everything will be fine. Just think about the baby. Think about the baby in your womb."

I nod like a little girl. I begin to cry again.

"Take some rest. You need it. And take your meds as soon as you wake up. No, eat first. I'll prepare something before leaving for work."

"OK, thanks. Don't worry about me. Elliot will be coming around. Don't worry. Have a nice day."

They both nod at me and I sigh.


Elliot stands to help me stand up. He's been here for more than an hour.

"Oh, please. I can help myself. Don't keep doing that. You guys make me feel like a little girl."

"Just helping, OK?"

"I know that. Thanks."

He smirks as I go to the kitchen for some fruits. I barely eat anything. It's just tiring. Feeling sleepy, weak, bored, etc and etc.

After taking in the meds, I lay down as Elliot rubs my tummy. It feels good. But i will feel better if it were Daniel.

I wish he were hold me in his arms and tell me everything is OK. That we were OK.

I miss Mia too. I miss her laughter and everything about her.

"Guess I have to go back to the office. You need rest."

He said and I stand as he stands.

"Let me walk you outside. I want to exercise a bit. I have been stuck to one place. I want to go out."

"If that wouldn't hurt, let's go then."

"Of course it wouldn't."

As we stand beside his car, he hugs me. I needed it. I really did. The hug becomes tighter.

He murmurs a, "Take care" into my ears and I move away from his embrace.

I wave him and suddenly an idea comes to mind. I'll do just that tomorrow morning. I'm not going to tell anyone. It is just between myself and I. Nobody else.

Through the night, I sleep anxiously. I think about what could happen with my plan. It is a win or fail chances. And after tomorrow, I'll accept anything that comes out of it.

I promise.


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