Bonus Chapter A

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The story is not supposed to end or continue like this. But this is for those who can't accept Chloe and don't want Jennifer dead. But if you are ready to go on with the real story, please do continue and ignore the bonus chapters.

And so these bonus chapters are kinna for those who are now reading the book.

Thank you.

Jennifer's P.O.V

I try opening my eyes but can't. The air dancing on my skin is as cold as...well probably daddy's heart. Just kidding, the man isn't that bad, I just like to think he is.

Why do I feel like I'm laying on a bed?

Oh right, I should be in another world by now. I already miss my daughter and my husband. Is this how grand mum felt when she died?

Oh I never had or met a grandmother.

Well I hope I'm in heaven so I can watch over my loved ones as they mention my name. Do I have to turn into a star so my husband will tell our daughter 'that's your mum up in the sky'?

And...wait, what's that bright light scorching my eyes?

After that I feel them covering my eyes again, making it more difficult this time, to see.

"Do you think she'll ever be normal again?" A voice questioned, sounding so heartbroken.

Even though the voice sounds familiar, I can't remember where exactly I heard the voice from.

"Please Jennifer, wake up. It's been so many weeks now and we miss you. I'm sorry for always being a jerk. Please come back to us," the voice continued.

OK, I know I'm supposed to hear them since I'm an Angel but then is it possible for me to feel their touch from wherever I am?

"It is driving me crazy knowing I'm the reason why you are no are no more...Please wake up. If not for anybody, at least do it for our daughter. She's young and needs her mother," The voice stammered, totally weeping it seems.

"I know I keep on saying the same words everyday, I know I keep on singing the same song..."

He's been saying the same words and singing the same songs? How come I never heard them? Or did he and I just don't remember?

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