Chapter one

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Daniel Johnson's P.O.V.

Elvis walks into my bedroom without knocking. I wonder if this guy understands privacy.

"Hey bro, I have signed this absurd contract ever and I don't think I can fulfill my part of the deal," he announces as he walks to my bed.

"Absurd? Then why did you sign it? You are impossible. Be a man and fulfill your part of the deal," I convinced, throwing a shirt at him.

  "It's absurd but it is worth it. The lady is pretty. Mum is very I'll. I just took her to the hospital. I need to go back..."

"Why do I feel you need my help with this absurd contract you are talking about?" I just know him too much.

"Exactly, always smart. I need you to do it. As much as I will love to do it, I can't. She wouldn't know, she doesn't even know my face. She is about to marry someone she doesn't want to. And she wants a fake boyfriend. A fake boyfriend to romance her."

My best friend is finally going mad. I can clearly see it now. He's such a man whore. To Romance her? Tsk, no thank you.

"Why should she force herself to marry someone she doesn't want to marry? Such a crazy world we live in."

"She wants the video to show her parents she's seriously dating," Elvis comments back.

My jaw drops. That is total nonsense. I turn to face him well. Did I hear him well?

"Not that your face will show. I need to go back to the hospital," he pleads. Wait, just like that?

"Do you think I'm interested in such games? You sure have the looks but not the brain. How can you ask me to do that? I don't even know the girl. There are better ways to end this. I'm not going, you better find someone else," I am certainly not going.

I said while picking a book to read. He was still standing there with the look I so much hate.

"Please, do this and I promise to do anything you ask. Her cousin is a friend of mine. I gave her my word. She loves her and she'll...."

"Ask someone else. I can't. Besides it is just..."

The offer is actually tempting I must confess. I know my best friend. He wouldn't sign the contract if she wasn't his type.  I look at him and he pretty much looks desperate but no, I'm not giving in.

"No, I won't. I have an image to keep," I say, shaking my head.

"Your face won't even be in the video, trust me. You just need to romance her. Touch her as if she were yours. Not as if you'll do it. Just run around the well, you are not going to drink from it."

"That is worse!" I didn't mean to say that.

"What?! OK, do it. Maybe she'll let you have her. Judging from how her cousin is like, I'm sure she won't stop you if you go far," he tries to convince me.

"Stop judging people by the people around them. I still won't."

He continued to plead and I so i gave in.


I went toward the door. I opened it and the room was dark. I almost thought I got the wrong room number. I could see a figure pacing around the room. When she felt my presence, she quickly rushed to the camera.

I couldn't see her. But I could tell from her shadow she was not bad. I sighed and stepped into the room. Closing the door behind me, I heard her say in a rush, "The video will start recording after six seconds. I hope you read the contract well."

There was a dim light brightening the bed. Nothing could be seen except the bed.

  Whoa, what did Elvis say I do? Romance her? I don't think so. I didn't read the contract. Guess I have to do it my own way. With a smirk, I walk toward her.

She sat on the bed. Her body looked amazing. She tried tying her hair but I stopped her. I felt her lips on mine and damn, she was good at kissing. It went deeper till I couldn't breathe.

I could feel her tensed body as my hand touched places which I was sure wasn't part of her deal  with Elvis but yet she quietly received my kisses.

I was actually thanking my star. I would've missed this opportunity to touch this stranger. My hands moved around her broad curves. Her face still covered in the dark. We were both lost, as if the moment was just meant for us.

She moaned and I took it as a go ahead. I touched her nipples which were already hard. I touched her in other places, which she didn't stop me. She was so wet and I could feel myself growing hard.

Everything and time went fast as we kept doing what we were doing. She held me tighter. It was so good, I began to lose my senses and as much as I wanted to stop, I couldn't. She couldn't stop me either.

She had tears in her eyes and the realization hit me, I was her first. I licked my lips. I wanted to see her. I raised my finger to turn on the light but she stopped me. She shook her head and I could feel the regret she felt. I was having my share also. If I had known she was a virgin, I would've stopped myself.

She pulled away from me and I knew what it meant...time for me to leave. I swallowed before nodding my head.

I left without knowing her name or seeing her face. But I was glad my face wasn't going to show in the video.

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