Chapter Fifteen

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Daniel's P.O.V.

"Because I love you." She says quickly.

I didn't see that coming. Wait, what if she said that to save her skin? I don't think so...she knows I won't harm her.

I wanted to shout to the whole world:

I'm the happiest man on earth.

But I wont . I can't. I shouldn't.

I won't let just four words cool me down. Yh, they ain't just four words. But I'm not forgiving her right now. She did wrong and she needs to be punished. One way or the long as she doesn't do that again.

I raise one of my eyebrows. Indicating, ' so what am I suppose to do with that information?'

"I know you don't love me back. But I do love you. Since the day I second met you."

Second met me?

"What about the first?" I enqire as if I cared less. Or so I thought.

"I blindly felt something for you, but that wasn't love...I don't know what it was but I'm sure it was nothing close to love. So it is the second time we met."

This is my first time hearing someone saying love at second sight. Funny. I want to laugh but not in front of her.

"There's a dinner we need to attend tomorrow evening. My grandmother is inviting us...yeah and your parents too. I just hoped your cousin wasn't coming but unfortunately she's also invited," I tell with disgust. Not that I hate her cousin. She always say things straight. She doesn't care what you think. And she does whatever she plans to do and wants to do.

"You hate her too. She's cool. Just understand her for once," she states as she frustratedly fold her arms.

I never said I hated her...did I?

Your action does, my conscience says to me.

"Why are you quiet?"

I ignore her while I enter into our dressing room.

I come back to see her in only her underwear. Oh boy.

I swallow hard. Even though she doesn't know what she's doing to me. She smiles at me and starts biting her lower lips while touching herself.

Goodness. She can't be doing this, not right now.

I could feel my member growing  and going hard. Even though my mouth tells her she's not sexy, the rest of my body knows perfectly the truth.

I need to stop her.

What? I can't find my voice, wherever it went, it needs to come back now.

"Why are you like this?" I ask trying to show I'm still angry and wasn't affected by what she's doing.

"I feel like sleeping like this tonight. What do you think?"

"Don't you think you are revealing too much?" It sounds weak, yeah and stupid. I almost slapped myself for that comment.

"Oh, are you tempted? You know all you have to do is to come closer and..."

"Stop it and cover yourself. I don't care if you sleep like this. I just don't want to go to the hospital when you get pneumonia. Cover yourself and sleep. Because that is exactly what I'm going to do,"

Because that is exactly what I'm going to do, like I was trying to warn myself instead.

She nods like a little girl to hide her embarrassment. I take it far this time; I'm a miserable jerk. Why am I even overreacting?

We both sleep under the blanket. Almost twenty minutes had gone by and none of us can't seem to fall asleep.

I want her now and I still didn't know how to start because of the things I told her. She's my wife yet I mostly feel shy of her sometimes.

"You know what? Since you want this badly..." Before I can finish my statement, she is already on top of me.

She quickly took of her night dress. Reaching my hand to touch her, I kiss her like the world was going to end tomorrow.


"Oh you two are here. It's been long since I saw you two," my grandmother says while hugging us.

"Where's mum?"

"She's checking the food. She wants to prepare it herself. I wish I could...but my health isn't agreeing with me these few days."

We both laugh. It seems Jennifer and I are the last to arrive. Her parent is already seated talking with Elvis and Eunice. My grandmother joins them.

"The food is not yet ready. You can take your wife upstairs. I bet she has not seen your room," My grandmother suggested.

"Let's greet mum and her parents first and I'll do just that. Let's go," I direct her to the kitchen.

"Son, Daughter! You two look...perfect as always. Come give me a big hug. I miss you both. You don't often visit. We have to change that," she happily removes her apron as she approaches us.

"Yeah, sure."

"OK, feel at home. The food is almost ready."


"So this is your room. It's beautiful. So when did you decide to move?"

"Actually i decided to move when I turned nineteen. But I moved when I was twenty two," it was a funny story actually.

"So you were leaving alone," her shock was one I didn't expect.

Why do I have a feeling she's trying to ask something else? Is it jealousy I hear in her voice?

"Hmm, mostly yes," I answer, hiding my smile.

"Mostly yes. And other times?" she asks abruptly, raising and eye brow.

"Elvis or some other friends."

"Some other friends. Which other friends and what do you do with them? Which games do you play?"

I smile at her I like the way she's asking those questions and i like where they are going, seriously.

"I can show you better than I can tell you."

I smirk while she smiles. I move toward her and wrapping my arms around her waist, I kiss her.

Just when the kiss is getting deeper and sweeter, I hear someone clearing her throat.

"Eunice don't you know how to knock!" I shout, giving her a tight and straight face. I could eye her but I know my wife wouldn't agree.

"I did! Seriously I did," she trys to convince us, "I don't mind if you two decide to keep yourself locked up in your old room but some of us are hungry, you know."

I frown at how Jennifer was blushing.

We go downstairs. And everyone shouts,


What the hell? Are we in the nursery school?

I'm going to kill the person who told them.

"Who the hell spoilt my surprise?"

"I did!"

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it.

Who the hell spoilt his surprise?

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