Chapter Forty Seven

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Two months later.

Chloe's P.O.V

I feel like I'm the happiest woman on earth. I love Daniel so much and there's no doubt he loves me too. I won't mind if I die tomorrow, I know I'll be dying as the happiest woman on earth.

I have always wished for this to happen, ever since I met him. I told myself I will stop at nothing until he loves me. I wanted to be his. I wanted him to be mine. I wanted to call him my husband and the father of my children.

And that, will be happening today. I couldn't sleep the whole of yesterday. The whole place has been busy.

I feel happy not only because I'm getting married, but because Eunice is also.

This is a mass wedding. I can't believe this.

Elvis's grandmother isn't the calm woman I imagined her to be. To think Daniel's grandmother is her best friend, I was hoping to meet a strict woman.

But she's as playful as Elvis is. She's as beautiful as Daniel's grandmother. I almost thought they were sisters.

Eunice and I had to sleep at Daniel's mother's place. Which my mother too is.

Last night's Bachelorette party was nothing but fun. Eunice and I didn't expect what was coming our way. She at least expected a party but I didn't, since I wasn't sure my friends will be coming.

When it was six pm, Paige came around to pick us up and no, the two grandmothers wouldn't let us go since they had a surprise for us.

Eunice and I sat. At first, Eunice was angry but she enjoyed it. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

My mum, Leah, Eunice's mum, Jennifer's mum, Daniel's mum, Elvis's aunt and the two grandmothers were all dressed in short dresses and skirts.

"Still thinking about yesterday?" Eunice asked and we suddenly burst into a hilarious laughter.

"When I saw them wearing short dresses and skirts, I was confused. Then it clicked. I didn't believe I was looking at these old women in short skirt and crop tops. Even the young women were in short dresses."

"I was surprised to see my mum in those dress. I was like where the hell did they get those dresses from? I almost thought they were going nuts," Eunice said.

"But I did love the part, they invited four young strong men!!!"

I felt awkward, honestly. They were so sexy. And I begun to imagine Daniel dancing like that. Well, even my own imaginations couldn't help me with that.

"Elvis could've danced like that, if he had learnt the moves but with Daniel, I doubt that," she said and we both laugh.

"I wish I had set a camera so I'd blackmail them with it. They looked so young and I almost couldn't even recognize them."

"You know right!!!"

"I love the surprise Paige and the others had for us. Goodness, I didn't even know my friends were coming. They made yesterday splendid. I loved it."

"I thought I'd be exhausted but I am not."

"I don't want to oversleep so I won't go back to sleep."

We both laugh.

"You girls are already up. Good then, because it's time to prepare. It is six in the morning. Get up, go and take your bathes," My mum said as she enters. Eunice's mum also follows her inside.


Our wedding gowns look so beautiful. I have never seen something as beautiful as these are.

I look at myself in the mirror for more than six times before sitting down for them to fix me up. My makeup is so on point and i look so pretty.

"You two look gorgeous," everyone exclaimed.

"Thank you. I'm so happy, I can't stop smiling," I said.

"Me too. But I'm not that happy."

I widen my eyes at her. Why, she didn't want this?

"You have no idea. Elvis can be such a jerk sometimes. Marrying him, is like yeah I'm going to put up with your nonsense sometimes, forever. If it is like that, do you expect me to be all happy and glad?"

She's nervous. Oh goodness, how didn't I see this? The strong girl is nervous. No, she's not having doubts I'm sure of it.

"You are just nervous."

"Of course I am!!! As in no, I'm not."

I laugh so hard and she joins.

Our men loves us and we do love them back. That's the most important thing.

She sighs and I do same.

"Are you guys ready? We are whenever you both are."

"Guess it's finally time. Goodbye freedom, goodbye being single, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye," Eunice sung.

"And where from this song?"

"Oh, I decided to become a singer today. This is messing my head up. Hahahahaha"

I join and we all laugh.


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