Bonus Chapter C(epilogue)

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Mia's POV

Making sure I packed everything I needed, I happily close the bag. It's been long since I met my parents and even though we've been talking on phone, it still felt like we were apart so having this vacation to ourselves means a lot to us.

My parents have always been my rock and they've always been my encouragement to work harder.

Growing up, I saw them to be inseparable and I had hoped for a life as theirs. They understood...well still understand each other in every way and thing.

They are perfect for each other. I sometimes even felt I was being a bother while I was staying with them. Their relationship was as though they had just met each other. They reminded each other how much they respect, love, adore, cherish and appreciate themselves. They'd both hold each other's gaze and whenever they did that, i knew I was totally forgotten.

And whenever i remember the times I saw my dad stare at my mum while she wasn't even aware, i giggle or smile which makes everyone around me wonder what I usually think about.

Even though it's sometimes annoying when I watched them do all those things, I am still hoping to find them doing them when we meet up again.

It was hard believing what they went through to get to where they are now.


"Oh Mia you are back, why didn't you tell me you were coming today?" Eunice hugs me, almost knocking me down. After so many years, she's still as strong as myself.

"Dad, Uncle Elvis and I decided to surprise you girls. It was quite difficult, knowing my dad can't keep anything from mum. Well Uncle Elvis was certain you'd never find out from him. Where's mum and dad? Is there no food in the fridge? I'm starving!" I quickly say as I walk into the kitchen.

"Well your mum and dad went out. You know, those two still do that while I have to beg that uncle of yours to even buy me lunch during my break," she complains as she leans beside the fridge.

"Mia! Mia! Mia! Are you in?" "Where are you!" Both my parents say at the same time.

"You told me they were out!" I exclaim, flaring an angry look at her.

"Oh that? Well they are still not here. It's a recording they did to welcome you," she continues to lie, "They even said..."

"Oh please," I whisper, rolling my eyes and shaking my head while she laughs and satisfied at her pay back.

"Oh our little princess. We missed you! Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" My mum asked, blinking her eyes many times as she looked at my bag.

"Mum you still can't even lie and get away with it. Dad told you the very day I told him I was..."

"No, it wasn't until the second day!" Dad interrupts me, earning a chuckle from aunt Eunice.

"Now, now, now, allow me to take my niece away, we have a lot to talk about. You know what I mean," she announces with a wink. Oh that woman...

"Where's uncle? He didn't tell me he was going to be away..."

"Oh he's had an emergency at the workplace so he quickly had to go and check up. You know your cousins are also working too hard these days. They should be bringing their girls home and not paper works," she laughs at her last sentence.

"Aunt, I brought you one of my paintings, the one you asked me to make for you," I hand the painting to her.

"Oh my God, it's just as beautiful as I imagined. You are indeed a wonderful and talented artist," praising me, she lays her fingers on it.

"I'm imagining how life would've turned out for you if you hadn't realized this and made that decision," she silently remembers.

Even before I could complete high school, my parents in particular were worried about my poor grades. They tried their best to make me at least an average student, I also tried but unfortunately I always remained where I was.

Then my dad found my sketch book which i had a lot of paintings and rough sketches and according to him, they were the most beautiful pieces he had ever laid his eyes on. He talked to me for a while and then asked if I really wanted to stop attending the school I was in and go into an art school instead.

I was more than happy to agree. I mean, I have always loved to draw and I even believed that was the reason why I failed all my tests and exams since I never paid attention in class and only focused on drawing. But the very thought of disappointing my grandfather didn't sit well on me.

My cousins came home with excellent grades and my grandfather always asked why I didn't take any of our family member's brain. Quite so, he was wondering why I was different when it comes to academic excellence. My great grandmother was the only one who could stand up to him but when she died, he just got away with everything he said- not to me alone.

That night, it was as if dad could read my mind, he assured me he'd talk to him. And guess who got me the admission to the art school, my grandpa did. My head was floating in the air and i was lost in my own dreams.

And see where I am now, I'm being counted among the best artists in the world especially in all the African countries.


As we all gather at the beach, and my leg touching the cold sand, I smile at how blessed I am to have every member with me.

Ever since I arrived, we have been doing more than talking. There have been pretty much of activities, with the help of the magical and fastest brain of my aunt- that's how she describes her brain.

"Good morning, p-p-lease I would like to s-speak to your daughter," A young man pleads, pointing at me.

"Here we go," my cousins whisper. This twin is the worse of all. Since we were kids, not only did they bully me, they made me believe I could have a mate- as in werewolf, full moon, marking, mate. All those things got me excited and I didn't stop coming out in the middle of the night, which got me sick and diagnosed of pneumonia.

"Who, her?" My mum turns to look at me as I also shift my gaze to my cousins.

"What, do you think he's blind enough to see us as girls? He's here because of you, get your body up, we already tired of hearing your annoying voice," one of the twin; Victor, jokes as his other brother joins, "And please throw away that earpiece. You make the noise and we are suffering for it."

After talking to the guy, I got to know he is also called Daniel and a photographer. He is a funny person and he has so many meanings to everything at sight. He is fun to be with and I have all the intentions to enjoy his company because he asked me out and I accepted.

Even though I love to spend them with my family and love just looking at how happy we all are, I want to also find love, start my own life and be happy as well.

If not anything, my parent's love for each other has thought me that it doesn't matter how our past was like, what it matters is realizing the present to make the future better.

I always thought my parents never had any setbacks in life. It turned out I was wrong. It all happened when I was a child, something we all are very much aware of.

On this note I'm done. I rushed everything but I hope some of you would like it. Have a wonderful day or evening.

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