Twenty Six

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Daniel's P.O.V

Eunice leaves us alone and she looks like she's scared of me...

I get it. Scared of what I'll say to her. Maybe I'm a little harsh on her.

I walk closer to her. Walking toward her, gives me hope, the hope to care for another woman.

The hope to love again.

A year and some months ago, I thought I will never find any woman attractive...

Let alone, love her.

I have spent two months fighting what I feel for her and I'm not giving up on the fight.

This is so wrong. To love this innocent young girl, is so wrong. Probably she doesn't know what she wants. I might be her first and then what?

What is her age? Twenty, twenty one, or twenty two?

She looks quietly at me while I swim in my thoughts. I can smell her from miles away. She smells like strawberry.

I want to move on...for Mia and for myself. And also for Jennifer, because I know if she were here, she'll wish same for me.

But I certainly don't want to move on with Chloe. She might get tired and leave me. And the last thing I need is another heart break.

"Did you ask her to leave, only to stare at me? Or are you thinking of more insults to rain on me?"

She politely remarks. Wow.

"How old are you?"

"Age is just a number," she murmurs. That isn't the answer I wanted to hear.

I raise an eyebrow at her which she clears her throat and answers,

"I'll be twenty one very soon."

I thought as much. She's a little girl.

"And do you know my age?" I ask, hoping I'll let her realize so many reasons...why she shouldn't love me.

"Probably in your late twenties."

"Yes you are right. I'm twenty nine. I'm older than you."

"But not much. You talk as if you are twice my age. Not as if I would've cared," her mind has already been set and at her age, nothing will seem to go wrong and she'd like to go with the flow but I'm not as young as she is.

"See, don't let Eunice brainwash you!" My frustration grows more. "Don't do as she says. We are two different people. I'm older, I might not do things you'd like to do with me."

"Nobody is brainwashing me. I asked her for help. To push me to you. I asked her to."

"So she's your mama now? Are you always going to run to her for help? You are a baby... Accept it."

Since seriousness can't change her mind, then a little teasing will...I guess and hope.

"Teasing me isn't going to change my mind. Give me a chance. I'm sure you'll care for me later."

I quickly remember Jennifer. When I used to tell her I wouldn't love her. She pleaded for a chance, hoping I'll at least one day care for her.

If I tell her that day will never come, then I'll be treating her exactly as I did with Jenny.

So what do I tell her? Why is she being stubborn?

This is crazy. Where is she from? I'm only entertaining this because I feel something too.

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