Chapter Nineteen

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Daniel's P.O.V

"I'm sorry sir, but your wife is in a very critical condition. Her skin is burnt and I'm sorry to say but no amount of surgery can save her skin...for now. We'll have to wait for a year and more before we can proceed," the doctor announced, her heart as broken as the news, she touched my shoulder only to have it shoved aside.

Oh no not my wife!

"So you mean her condition is bad and we'll have to wait for a year and more," Elvis repeated, sounding hopeful as he could ever be.

"Exactly what I said sir. She's covered with bandages," the doctor sighed before continuing, "You can go and see her. She has not yet woken up but if you still want to see her, go ahead," she pointed the room they had taken her.

She left and I kept staring at her back. Everything seemed like a dream but the pain in my chest was more than anything I had felt before. I stood frozen in my spot, Elvis staring at me to be sure I wanted to go in there.

"I did this to her you know. I did this. If she dies, I'm the cause!" I blamed myself, sending my knees to the ground. My legs gave out, it had to. The whole room seemed to spinning as I felt a touch on my back. I turn to hug his legs.

"Relax Daniel. Don't be like this. She needs you to be strong. Please. I'll call Eunice now. Please hold yourself together."


"Elvis called me to come here. What has happened to my sister? Is she OK?" Eunice had no idea about what happened, so seeing her worry turn to frustration and even more, brought more tears into my eyes.

"No, she's far from being OK. She's... She's..."

"No, my sister will be fine. Let's calm down. She'll be fine," oh Eunice you have no idea.

Eunice kept chanting and chanting, trying to convince herself.

It was getting dark. I still wanted her to wake up before I went back in there.

Mia! I forgot all about her.

"Mia, is at home. Alone!"

"Don't worry I'll go and check up on her. Please keep me updated. I'm sure there's a mix up somewhere. She's fine. I know. I can feel it."

Eunice left and Elvis and I sat there in silence, how were we going going to break the news to her?


Jennifer's P.OV.

I try to open my eyes but I find it difficult to. There are pains that I'm feeling that I can't explain. I try to separate my lips but I can't.

I hear the voices of some doctors. I listen to them as they speak.

"Her condition is really bad. I saw her picture in a magazine. It's like two different people. God, I won't wish this for anybody. Her face is so nasty now."

"Shhh!" Another voice demands.

"Seriously? She's unconscious. Her husband will be disgusted when he sees her. Trust me. She's..."

"Love is not always about beauty. They have moments they've shared together. Not just moments but a daughter too. Don't be insensitive."

"But it won't be the same. Their life will never be the same. Such a bad faith, she seems like a nice person."

They leave and I keep crying, which is more painful than the words I heard.

What? My face is nasty?

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