Chapter Thirty Six

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Chloe's P.O.V.

It's been two weeks now since my mum came to visit and she'll be leaving tomorrow. She has made my life a living hell. Always talking and suggesting things I so much dislike but that's one of the many reasons I love her.

She's been asking to meet Daniel's family before she leaves. And that will be happening tonight.

I met his family a week ago. At first his grandmother wasn't interested in me. She was giving me a hard time. Then we started talking about books and writers. Then she began to like me.

Meeting them alone, is far different from meeting them with my troublesome mum.


"Hey you look...Hmmm let me find the word..." Daniel said while searching for the right word to use.

"You can have all night to think about the word, dear."

He nods as he moves to my mum. My mum smiles at him graciously. He returns the smile and ushers us inside.

Immediately my mum chuckles as she sees his mum and his mum smirks as she sees my mum.

Do they know each other? They look at each other bitterly. Grandmother isn't around. I guess she's in her bedroom. She's always the last to arrive.

"You two know each other!," Daniel exclaimed as he snakes his arm around my waist.

"Unfortunately, we do," my mum replied.

"If I had known you were his mother, I wouldn't have been here. You know that," my mum said to her.

"And if I had known you were her mother, I wouldn't have opened my home to you," Daniel's mother also replied. They both stared at each other, I almost thought there was going to be an earthquake.

"Poor you. We are here aren't we. If not for his grandmother, I would've walked away..."

"No one is stopping you actually." His mum barked.

"Some of us still know manners. We always show them when there's the need to."

Daniel's mother looks at my mum, eyeing her, from head to toe. If these two don't like each other then...

"Everything will be fine," Daniel murmured into my right ear as if he could read my mind.

"It seems you both are not the 'best of friends' chapter," Daniel mocked.

"Oh, never!" They both shouted.

"Mum please control yourself. How can you come to my boyfriend's house and be doing this?"

"Don't worry Chloe, it is just between your mum and I. It wouldn't affect your relationship with my son."

"She wasn't talking to you, Angelique."

"I never knew my mum could do this. She's always the quiet type," He told with concern showing on his face.

"Sorry if your own mother deceived you. She's not quiet. We were both in the same high school. Your mum was always on my neck," my mum explained.

"You were always on my neck. She always pick up a fight. We quarreled over every little thing," his mum also added.

"Nope, that's a lie. You had always wanted my position. My place!"

Why are they fighting like some high school teenagers?

"Both of you go ahead. She and I have some unfinished business to attend to." His mum suggested while her eyes were still fixed on my mum.

"What? And leave you two here, alone? We are both not taking that risk."

"Why do you both hate each other?"

"Hate is a strong word to use. We just dislike each other. She's just not my type," my mum answered.

"We were enemies. Let's face facts. Your mum was kinna the leader of the bad crew in school," Daniel's mum told with a high pitched voice almost as if she were telling a witch story.

"And she was kinna the leader of the pompous crew in school."

"So you two hate each other because of that?" Daniel had to ask.

"No!" They both answered.

"OK, I think you two have issues," Daniel almost screamed.

With the look of things. It seems they are not fighting over something serious. It might be over a guy. Or something useless. If two people hated each other, their fights would've been nothing like this.

"OK, both of you relax. Whatever the issue is, please solve it later. Not tonight. And make sure you solve it. Very soon you'll both be in-laws," Daniel commanded, with that authoritative voice he has.

They both turn to look at him.

"Yes, he's right. We'll solve it tomorrow before I leave."

"No, let's do it now!" Not Daniel's Mum stumping his feet firmly on the ground.

"What the hell is going on here!"

What the... We all turn to see an angry grandmother standing with her stick.


"Oh so you are the unlucky mother. Poor you," my mum whispered.

"Mum, sorry. We were just remembering the good old days," Daniel's mother said, faking a smile.


Dinner has been quiet. Aside Angelique and my mum insulting each other with their eyes, everything was fine.

"I know you two were fighting. Don't for once think I'm old so you can fool me. What's the problem? Are you two not ashamed to fight in front of your children?"

I wish Elvis and Eunice were here. They would've made a joke out of this.

"You two are supposed to set good examples for your children to follow. Instead of showing them you are old enough, what do you do? You fight right in front of them."

My mum swallows as Angelique bows her head low.

"And you, since when did you become rebellious? I thought I made it clear, I hate noise! This should be the last time I witness this. Disgraceful children!"

My mum frowns and I giggle. Finally someone scolded my mum and she takes it like a good little girl.

The place becomes quiet and Daniel asks, "How come you were both in the same class? My mum is two years older."

"Oh your mum, wasn't that brilliant so she had to repeat nursery, I guess," my mum teased, not even hiding her laughter.

Grandmother flares an angry look at her and she quickly stops laughing.

"Her father was the principal of our school. She skipped two classes. Which was so unfair," his mum also explained, throwing her arms in the air.

Daniel nods.

"Why do you two hate each other?" Grandmother finally questioned.

"She never wanted to be my friend and she talked badly about my friends."
"Oh no, you didn't want to be my friend and you talked badly about mine."  They both said at the same time

Really? Are they seriously fighting because of this?

"If I hear you two quarreling again, I'll seriously take you two to the psychiatric home. Do I make myself clear!" Grandmother shouted at both of them.

I finally laugh as Daniel smiles.

"Even your children don't fight over these things. I couldn't even eat my food because of you two."

Wait! What?

"But grandmother, you ate everything on your plate."


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