Chapter Thirty Two

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Daniel's P.O.V.

Last night and this morning was amazing. I smile as I look at Jennifer's picture. I hope wherever she is, she's happy for me and Mia.

But I'm still scared, our relationship wouldn't end well. Jennifer died and I'm scared Chloe will also leave me. She's young and don't know what she wants.

"Hey, I have been knocking for about...six hours now. What's up?"

Elvis announces as he walks into my study. I hope he doesn't know what happened between Chloe and I.

Oh he knows.

With the look on his face, I know he knows. Why can't I have some privacy in this life? These two are always on my neck.

"What do you want?"

"To talk to my best friend. Don't tell me you were planning on hiding it. Come on, you know Eunice will definitely find out and obviously she'll let me know."

How old are you man?

I sigh. I understand, Chloe is young and naive. She'll definitely tell Eunice.

"But I'm not here to tease you. Eunice and I are worried about something. Your behavior towards your women. You are always bossy and possessive, though I believe they love it when their men are possessive. You are too much. Chloe is young and we both know you are her first. If you give her that treatment, I think she'll"

As if I don't know.

"And I ask you become less over protective. You need to talk to her often like how the normal couples do. You ask her things you want to know. Not investigate things you want to know. Ask her instead, not other people."

Get out, you fool.

"I know you are insulting me in your head. I know you too well."

I smile and he winks.

"I know you better than you know yourself. So where's Leah? I brought her something."

"She said she needed the weekend off. She has someone important to meet. So Grace is coming over."

"Something important? I wonder why she's not married. She's a fine woman and i won't agree that men don't like her..." Elvis states. Now that he mentions it, I wonder that myself.

"Some people don't like companions. She loves her freedom. Maybe she's not into men. Or maybe..."

"I heard that!"

Oh shit! Leah comes out with Mia sitting on her right arm. She's busily squeezing her neck.

"We didn't mean to talk about you. We...we...were...were..."

"Don't worry. I have been engaged once. But, he went away and never came back. I don't know if he's still alive."

Holy shit! I admire this woman.

"He's or was a soldier. He promised he'll come back for me. He promised he'll marry me when he returns."

"And you've waited for him ever since. And you still don't have children," Elvis mentions.

"Oh men? I didn't really mind them. I felt like, 'what if I go out with someone and he comes to meet us? What if he has someone watching me?' But I guess I wasted my time thinking that. Part of me wishes he's alive and not dead. That he'll come for me as he promised."

We both stare at her. Are these type of women still around? Which country are they from?

Yeah they are and they are right among us.

"Oh and children. No, he never touched me."

What the...?

"You are still a virgin!" Elvis exclaims.

She nods with pride and I can't help but smile.

"You're almost forty five," Elvis whispered.


"But...never mind." Elvis decides to swallow his words. Which is a first by the way.

"What? My parents were the strict type. I was the eldest. My sister was the rowdy type. She was the, 'every guy's type of girl ' . She was the troublesome girl. She really wouldn't let you step on her and go away with it. All she needed to do was tell the guys and boom! You're doomed!"

That caused shivers in my body. I know who that woman is, Chloe's mother. Leah doesn't know Chloe and I are together.

Elvis looks at me. Trying to suppress the laughter he has been holding.

"She still has the fire in her. But she's nice. So I was always to watch her. Since childhood, I have been babysitting her."

"Wasn't she beating you?" Elvis asks, sounding intrigued.

She laughs, "Trust me, She beats me all the time. Most men run when she's around. You dare not talk when she's talking. When she brought her first boyfriend home, even our dad couldn't stop her from hitting the poor guy. The guy didn't want to take her out on Val's day and she hit the guy, right in front of us. It was our mum who was able to control her."

Elvis finally laughs.

"I'm even scared of her," Elvis whispers into my ears.

What the hell? I'm even shivering.

"Oh, she's fun. She puts that face on when she's in everybody knew who she was and how she if you cross her, I bet will never wake up to see that perfect body of yours."

"So how did she meet her husband?" Elvis asked.

She laughs and cleans the tears that comes to her eyes.

"When she met him, she was already working. She's a lawyer. This man was quite a fine gentleman. So when she first met this man, she thought, oh why don't I just tell him my mind and leave. But this man told her to be a lady for once in her life and he said just some few words and our dear tough lady became deadly quiet."

I just don't know how Leah didn't see the fear in my eyes.

"So this man came to apologize...and that was when she decided to bring the lady in her."

Hope Chloe didn't pick her behavior. Or else, we'll both have big troubles in the future.

"So she fell for the guy and the guy also fell for her and boom! The rest you know."

I nod at her as she leaves.

"An in-law you got! What?! Imagine you two talking....hahahahaha....I love this already."

Then I see my phone ringing. I pick it up. It's Chloe.

After the call, I look at Elvis and I give a frustrating sigh.

"What the hell!"

"Why, is everything alright?"

"No! Everything is not fine!" I kept chanting. And Elvis looks at me, waiting for me to tell him.

"Chloe's mother wants us to come over for lunch. Tomorrow."

"What the F?"

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So we all know how Chloe's mother is. How will it go?

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