Twenty Four

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Chloe's P.O.V

My boss is so obsessed with his dead wife, I feel pity for him. He looks so sad and rejected. He looks totally different from his pictures.

I wake up late today. I slept late and I just hope he doesn't fire me like he said he would if I come to work late.

I quickly take my bath. Within forty five minutes, I grab my bag and off I hit the road.

Luckily, I am right on time to board the bus.

As I step into the publishing house, all I was praying for, is I wouldn't meet him around.

God being so good to me, he isn't around. I sigh before entering my office.

I sit looking through the stories that needed to be edited.


It's almost lunch break. This is when I spend quality time with Eunice. Today is Friday and mostly I close from work early. Mostly after my lunch break.

"Hey, did I keep you waiting?"

"No, I also just arrived. So how is Daniel?"

"Yesterday oh no this morning, he met me sleeping at the was almost one am. He made it clear I'm not important to him or the company."

Eunice smiles while patting my back.

"Why don't you tell him how you feel? It will save time you know."

I let out an uncontrollable laughter, hoping she'll join but she didn't.

"That man hates my guts. And besides it's just a crush. Do you know the number of girls crushing on him? He's not even interested in them. How much more this little innocent girl?"

"Oh come on. Do you wanna bet? Elvis and I can work our magic. And you are a beautiful young lady. Every guy will kill to have you."

I blush. This lady always find the exact words to corner me. She smirks as she sees my face.

"He doesn't even let me go close to him. He will never see me as a woman though."

"Seeing you? Elvis and I can set a dinner up. Four of us."

"If you definitely don't want your dinner plans with Elvis to be ruined, don't invite us. He'll probably knock the table down, the moment he sees me."

"Why do you think he hates you?"

"I have spent not more than months here, and I know what he's capable of saying and doing to me."

"That's so much like him. He's like that. That is his normal behavior. That is his way of expressing how he feels."

"Exactly! He's angry with me for no reason."

I pout and before I could realize, tears were falling from my eyes.

"Sorry I didn't mean to cry. Just that it much."

Eunice nods. She takes her phone and after minutes of clicks, she puts it in her bag.


Daniel's P.O.V

I go through the thousands documents in front of me. I wonder what Elvis is doing in his office.

Oh here he comes.

"Hey, where were you?" I fake an angry face so he'll take me seriously, but it all goes down the drain.

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