Chapter Eight

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Daniel's P.O.V.

My grand mum paced around the room while my mum only stared at me.

"You are a disappointment. You always do things that please you, You never listen to anyone. If your dad were still alive..." My grand mum shouted.

I hated that statement so much...if your dad were still alive.

"That is why he isn't alive. What! For the first time, you called me a disappointment... I thought you always liked the way I listened to no one. I thought you liked the fact that I was independent..."

"Yes I still do! But for this mistake, I don't trust you anymore. What? I won't accept a girl who lacks values," my grand mum shouted again, coughing next while holding her chest.

"Grand mum trust me, she's as innocent as the sun," I assured her knowing too well I was her first.

"Mum, trust me. I don't easily fall for things like this. You know it! Yes I believe it was a mistake. But I don't regret it," I continued, earning a long stern look.

"What!" The two women in the room exclaimed, causing an innocent smirk to show on my lips.

"Yes I don't. Whether you like it or yes, she's my wife and with or without your consent we'll have our church wedding next week. I'm leaving for work. She'll be meeting you tonight. Please, she's well mannered. I hope she'll say same about you when she leaves here. I love you both, you know that."

"Well mannered my foot! Which well mannered lady would do this? I still don't like her. Maybe your mum will meet her. But count me out. At least I will allow her into my home. If you think that is not enough, host her in your house and invite your mum," at least she was funny and didn't even realize that.

"Mum don't say that, let's meet her first. Maybe it was just a mistake. A white mistake," my mum pleaded.

"If that was how I overlooked my son's mistake, do you think you would've been the one he'd marry? Your son is just like him. He came home with a girl he claimed he loved...she wore skimpy dresses and what pissed me off was, she had no respect and no level of decency. I stopped him from seeing her and that was when after weeks later, he met you."


"Grand mum." My mum and I both called at a time.

"Please give them a chance. If it doesn't turn out to be what you want, you can dismiss her," my mum told.

Dismiss? Like a business deal. Grand mum looks at me as if she were considering mum's idea. Even if she does, she is never going to accept her. And I am never leaving her. And that makes two!

"OK, bring her over. I still won't accept her. But for the sake of 'benefit of the doubt' I will meet her. Don't expect much," her final words were calm but serious.

I nodded. As I left, I called Jennifer.

"My mum and grandmother wants to meet you."

"Meet me? Why? What did I do?"

Tchw, I thought as much, she's so dramatic. I sighed and repeated, "They want to meet you at eight. My grand mum hates lateness. And I hate absence. Elvis will pick you up at seven or seven thirty. Just be yourself."

"Wait, don't hung up. How is your grand mum like? How is your mum like? I want to know."

"Just be yourself. Nothing more, nothing less."

I hanged up before she could say anything else.


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