Twenty Three

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*Three days later*

Daniel's P.O.V

Elvis and I finish working very late. We both sigh after I sign the papers.

That went...well but not easy. We had to make references to the previous documents and that was something we both hate doing.

We both get to our cars. Obviously he's going home and I am going to the publishing house. I have to take care of something...which could wait till tomorrow but I still need to go there.

As I walk toward my office, I notice every light is out except one office.

I knock and no one answers.

Whose office is this?

I walk in to find someone sleeping on the couch...It's a female.

I walk's Chloe sleeping. I run my fingers through my hair as I watch her sigh in her sleep. She looks tired. And why is she sleeping here and at this time?

She looks pretty even in her vulnerable state. The more I push her away the more I feel attracted to her.

Has it even been weeks? Yes it has.

I close my eyes and open them again. I run my eyes over her sleeping state.

Her chest moves up and down too quickly. Her blouse hugs her breast perfectly fine, her coat hanging behind her office chair.

Her flesh is bare to my eyes and I can't help but stare at her.

I move my eyes to her lips. She licks her lips while sleeping. They look soft.

I begin to imagine how they will taste on mine.

What am I doing? Why should I let her affect me. I feel like I'm cheating on Jennifer now. Gosh! And this is stupid.

I look back into her eyes only to find them staring back at me.

"Sir, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..."

"How dare you sleep at work?"

She was obviously explaining when I decided to shut her down by asking her that.

"Not only are you wasting resources. You are also wasting your time. It is almost one. When do you plan on leaving? And at what time do you plan to come to work tomor...oh today?"

"I have to make sure I finish all these stories. It has been long since it was brought here."

"Hurry up and leave. I don't want to hear you coming to work late today."

"Sure sir. I will do my best to come early."

"Do your best? Do you think this company revolves around your intelligence? You can choose not to show up and you'll get fired!"

She nods and I walk out. And why am I screaming at her?


Signing the documents, I find myself thinking about her again. Lately I have been thinking and dreaming about her in my arms.

Seeing her in that state earlier, makes it worse.

"Jennifer I hope you don't get angry with me. Please," I beg as I rub my face with me palms.

"Does she hear you?"

Gosh! She scared the hell out of me. Why is she here?

"What do you want?"

"Just checking up on you."

"I don't need you to do that. Leave my office. Why didn't you knock?" I raise an eyebrow at her.

"I did. I guess you were speaking to your ex wife."

"She's not my ex wife! Mind your business and leave," I exclaim once again, indicating I'm not ready for a chat.

"Sure. Bye."

I eye her as she walks away.

I sigh again.


I get home to find Grace sleeping on the couch with Mia. She was the doctor who was in charge of my wife before she died.

I smile as i see her slowly waking up.

This woman has the fastest ears. She wakes up the moment she hears a noise.

She has been much of a help. She comes around after work to take care of Mia. Maybe more than of a help.

Eunice doesn't miss coming around too. Everyone cares for her, sometimes I feel they do better than I do.

She smiles back at me as she puts a finger on her lips.

I nod and walk to the kitchen. She prepared something.

I put it in the refrigerator. It is late and i only need coffee right now.

I remove my coat.

"Before you thank me. I didn't prepare the meal, Eunice did," she announces as she get behind me to take water from the refrigerator.

"I see. Thanks anyway. Where's Leah anyway?"

Leah has been Mia's nanny since Jenny died. Leah is caring and loving too. She's forty five. Almost my mother's age.

"She slept early today. Don't worry about me. I'm working at dawn today. My shift starts at three so I'll be leaving soon."

I smile at her.

"Go ahead. Your coffee will get cold. I'm taking Mia upstairs," she has my daughter in her arms, walking upstairs .


I sit there looking at the empty side of the bed. I always slept there until I married Jenny.

We fought over it because she preferred that side of the bed. I had to give it up since she said she'll only have me touch her if I give it up.

Which man wouldn't?

I chuckle as I remember every detail of that night.

Just then, Chloe's image slowly comes to my view, faltering my wife's vivid image.

What is happening to me? I just have to think about her anytime I think about my wife.

Do I like her?


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Things are moving fast but do you think he likes her?

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