Chapter three

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       Jennifer's P.O.V

       "How was it?" Eunice asked as we got to our apartment. I just stared at her, not knowing what to say exactly. How do I tell her? I kept staring at her.
       "You know it's rude to stare. Stop it and tell me. Did Elvis behave well? Did he stick to the plan?" She questioned and I could hear the curiosity in her voice.

       "What were you expecting?" I asked her, still feeling sore. I hated the pain I was feeling.

       "Oh, I almost thought you had lost your voice. What was I expecting? Come on, tell me!!! OK, where's the video? Let me see it," her feet tapping the floor quickly, stretching her arms for it.

       I handed it to her. She quickly transferred it on my pen drive. I was so embarrassed to watch the video, but I was actually glad she didn't fix a microphone or whatever it is called. She watched as her eyes widened. I saw that coming. I was expecting that.

        She opened her mouth to say something but quickly shut it...then again... again. Her whisper was loud enough for me to hear.

        "That, miss no more a virgin." She smirked when she realized I was freaking out.

        "It's OK, I'm in no position to judge you. I suggested it. But I'm glad."

        "There's no way I'm showing this to mum and dad...and yeah my supposed in laws. I messed this up. I have four more days to be called Mrs. What do I do?"

        "Let's just kidnap you on your wedding day. No, they'll fix another date when you return. Let's talk to dad, even though we are both aware there's no way... Why must he do this?" Her hopelessness added to mine.

        To my dad, love is not found but built. Being the only child of my parents, I have spent my whole life doing what my dad said and wanted. Sometimes I felt it wasn't right. Other times too I felt, right doing them.

         The only thing he made me decide on, was my career. I love to read. I always wanted to own a publishing house. Being an editor has always been my dream. When he told me he was buying forty five percent shares of A-Jay publishing house as my graduation gift, I was jubilant. I felt he was the best dad on earth.
         "Hey, where were you? Your body was here, but your mind was somewhere... Arh, thinking about him already?" she teased.

       "You are so annoying. You think I have time to think about him?" That wasn't a lie, I didn't have the luxury to do that.

       "He's not that bad. Just watch the video and..."

       "Why should I? I know every detail of it. Thank God it's mute. Or else...argh!!! So embarrassing. Just put it inside my bag when you're done. Beside you made sure the video was dark...right? There was no light and I'm sure the video is dark, right?" I was hoping she was right.

       I went to my room to wash down. It wasn't as if I could wash how disgusted I feel. I sighed, not wanting to think about it any more.


   Eunice's P.O.V

          I smile as she disappear into her room. I did watch the video again. What is she thinking? That the video is dark? It is clear for you to see the faces. Not bright enough but it is clear.

         That wasn't Elvis. Who was that? Damn, the man is hot!  I should be freaking out about a stranger sleeping with my cousin, but weirdly, I'm not. I should've replaced her...exactly how Mr hotness replaced Elvis.

          I smiled at my nonsense. It is high time my cousin comes out of her comfort zone.

           I'll ask Elvis who this man is and why he couldn't come.

          Wait, but did they use contraceptive? Now, I'm freaking out!!

          "What are you thinking about? I have been calling you for more than necessary," I turn to see her out of the washroom, water dropping from her hair as she hit my arm.

         I looked at her. There's no way I'll be telling her...she'll be terrified.

         "Nothing. Your food is ready. It's on the dining you want me to serve you in bed?"

        "Huh! Not funny. I have so many stories I need to edit. Including the one you're reading now. "


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