Chapter Six

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Elvis walks into my office with his face buried into his phone. He was really enjoying what he seemed to be watching.

"Don't you know you need to work? Why do you always lazy about? Get out of my office and let me work," I said to him while still typing. He didn't go away, instead he walked closer to my desk.

"Daniel, have you seen the video trailing around? The hottest trend so far? It's the hottest sex tape of the year. It was really made for perfection. The atmosphere was on point. The camera quality was perfect even though it was made in the dark. To think it was homemade, makes it more real," he said with a teasing look.

"Who cares if one stupid couple decides to release what happens in his or her bedroom?"

"No body cares but I think you will," he announced giving me his I pad. I hesitated for a while, my eyes staring at his device before taking it from him. I froze at what I saw. I didn't even know the lady's face until now.

"How come our faces are vivid when the room was partially dark? It's all your fault. You told me my face wasn't going to show in the video," I shouted, almost cursing myself.

"Men don't blame others for their mistakes. Wait, you slept with her while I only told you to..."

"Hey, not as if I raped her. She allowed me. She welcomed it. She deepened the kiss. She encouraged it. So she trapped me. To think she wanted to stop her wedding, she tricked me instead," I couldn't bring myself to accept I was foolish and it seems being fooled sometimes feels better.

"She's not that type. Why will she trick you? I messed up by asking you to replace me. And you totally messed it up when you decided to sleep with her. She has all the right to sue us in court. We deceived her. I'm even surprised her cousin hasn't attacked me," he takes out his phone, breathing harshly between his teeth.

"Where is she? As in at the moment. Do you know her address or where she works?" I enquire from him after clenching my teeth together painfully.

"I don't know where she works. I know she shares an apartment with her cousin. I know nothing about her. I only know she's pretty, hardworking, shy, self preserved, devoted..."

"Shut up!" I interrupted him, "Ask her cousin where the lady works. I can't wait any longer. I need to find a solution to this nonsense. I need to find her before the paparazzi does."

Elvis was talking to his friend while I paced the room. He wrote an address down. And thanked her before hanging up.

"Let me have it," he gave it to me and I cursed as I saw the address. Just then I saw my grand mother calling. How wonderful it is! Grand mother already knows. I hope my mother hasn't seen it yet. That was stupid of me to hope. Obviously grand mum will show it to her.

"You know why she's calling. Don't pick. Let me solve it first before talking to her. Oh goodness," I screamed as my lungs felt too tight.

"This is what happens when you get the young most richest bachelor of the year. What are you going to do with the address now?"

"Stay here. Prevent any inconvenience. I'll go and meet her," I choose my words carefully, making sure he hears me.

As I walk out of my office, I feel eyes on me but I ignore them. I silently pray the paparazzi isn't all over her place.

When I get down from my car, everyone stares after bowing to me, if I were just an employee I'm sure they would've been rolling on the floor, mocking me by now. I could feel eyes on my back as I walk past everybody. I wait anxiously as the elevator takes me to the third floor.



I jerked from my thought as I saw someone enter my office.

Oh great! Just exactly what I needed.

"You! Do you realize what you just did?! You do know what is going to happen, right?" He shouted at me as if I were his younger daughter.

"I know. You have no rights to question what I do outside work. You are the president not my father. What! Are you going to ask me to sell my shares and leave the company? I will solve it. I won't let my personal problem overshadow my work. I..." The bad thing was, I had no idea how I was going to fix that and the good thing was Eunice.

"Personal problem? Well it isn't personal anymore! It is everywhere! You are unbelievable," he scolded, his eyes flaring fire as it got more red.

I got angry. I didn't understand why he was shouting at me. Like I believed this was where the popular saying came in "Everyone makes mistakes"

"I already don't know what to do and I don't expect you to be shouting at me. I will work things out. Trust me," I bargained with a trembling voice. I was panicking and he could clearly see that. I started chewing my nails. Guess old habits can't be stopped.

"I get it that you are the new president and you want the best conducts of everybody here. See it as a mistake. I know you never fail in businesses but I have every right as you have here...maybe a little lesser."

I saw his eyes widened. There was silence between us. He looked perfect and sexy.

Oh nice. How can I be thinking about his sexiness while there was a huge problem at hand? I sighed.

"Did you even watch the video? Have you seen it?" He quietly whispered enough for me to hear.

I shook my head and he sighed in defeat. I slowly inserted the pen drive in my laptop and when it started playing, I felt so embarrassed. Then I gasped for air when I realized the man in the video was no other than the new president, standing in front me.

"You are Elvis Styles? But you are Daniel Johnson. I'm confused," I was genuinely confused. My head was spinning and my eyes were filled with water.

"I'll explain later but keep in mind Elvis and Daniel are two different people. Now, listen carefully. Go home and stay indoors until my driver comes for you. Don't answer to anyone...especially do not talk to any reporter. We will have our court marriage tomorrow and a church one next week," he angrily stated...more like an order.

"What? No, I'm already engaged. What makes you think I want to marry you?"

"Why are we in this shit? Do you even know why your dad so badly wants you to marry him? Your dad has gone bankrupt! And your so called fiance, will only help your dad when he marries you. Don't forget your mum's fashion house is connected to your dad's company. I will buy your dad's company and automatically own your mother's fashion house. They'll both be jobless and that will leave you as the bread winner. It will be pathetic. Your dad will no more be respected because he'll have nothing to hold unto. The choice is yours."

He turned to leave when my voice stopped him, " Wait,I will marry you."

I saw a little smile on his lips and he nodded. So arrogant. Two days ago, he was like an angel that had just fallen down from Heaven. And to think I had a crush on him that same day. I can't believe I liked him twice.

He held the door knob but stopped and whispered, "And besides, we both know you want me."

He left while I left my mouth hanging.


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