Chapter Seventeen

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Jennifer's P.O.V

"You can't be serious right?" I asked, astonished.

He can't be doing this. What is this all about? Since when did he add this character to his personality? He has to be joking.

"Besides I'm thinking of staying with my parents for a while and then with mum and grandmother too."

I believe this is the only way to run away from this. With the serious tone and face, I'm sure he's never going to think twice. Shhh let's just humor him.

"I don't care wherever you stay or whomever you stay with. You are still grounded for a week...I can make it two if you want," his voice is firm.

I beg my dad with my eyes to do something. He shouldn't allow this. This is my first time being grounded. My dad knows that look in my eyes, and so he looked else where. I sigh and smile at Daniel.

"And what if I don't want to? Are you going to lock me up?" I decide to play along.

He looks into my eyes as if he was reading my thoughts, that's would've been creepy. He smirks and says,"That will be my favorite part you know. I will just hire a body guard for you. Splendid!" That wasn't what I thought he was going to do. I thought he was going to say...

No! Bodyguard? That's worse. What has gotten into him. What is he trying to show? I look around and notice everyone was gone except Daniel and I.

"Where are the rest? Where did they go?" I question, trying to get out of our conversation.

"They are in the other room. So choose!" His serious voice matches with his face.

"I'm not going to be grounded like some little girl with six teeth in her mouth. Neither do I want guards following me like I'm some troublesome teenager," I challenge, throwing my arms about.

"Too bad then. I have already made my choice," he suddenly tells me, shutting me up.

"You realize that out of hundred percent, ninety nine of it fall in love with their body guards? They are always there for them, to defend and hold them even when their husbands or parents are not there for them. I easily fall for those things you know...I mean I'm only human. Actually I did fall for one when I was a teenager but unluckily, he died saving dad. And..."

"Shut up!" His handsome face turn into an angry one. He then blows out air from his mouth and looks elsewhere.

Not so good. I wasn't trying to make him jealous. I was actually speaking the truth.

"Do whatever you want. I don't care who you fall for. I won't tolerate it if you cheat on me. And I won't watch you leave this marriage. I'm warning you," he warns, shaking me as if to bring my sanity back.

He's angry. Oh goodness, why can't he be normal for once?

"I'm sorry. I didn't know those words could hurt you."

"Hurt? No, it didn't hurt me," his face softens and he smirks. Goodness he's so sexy when he does that. His dimples are killing me.

The way he changes too makes it unbearable sometimes. He was angry but now...

"I don't care who you fall for. I have an image to keep. So don't do anything to make me angry."

OK, so he's angry not because I could fall for someone else. It is because he has an image to keep.

I nod, feeling bad and rejected. He doesn't care if I love him or someone else. I have spent these few months with him, hoping he'll love me like I love him. It much.

I could taste the tears on my lips. He looks at me and sighs. He walks closer to me.

"OK, fine. If you don't want to be grounded, it's OK. You won't. If you don't want body guards, you won't have them. Just stop crying," he tries to comfort me, his palms rubbing my back.

"I don't care if I get grounded or if I have thousands of guards. As long as you care for me. I'm OK," I reply while I sob softly in his arms.

"You think I don't care for you? I do. I really do. I'm doing all this because I care."


He nods and I smile at him. He said he cares for me. Very soon he will love me. I hug him tightly.

"You are lucky my dad feels indebted to you. Or else..."

"I forgot to tell you. Your dad paid his dept. Not that he was indebted... I had you in return but he wouldn't take that. He said he had to pay me so he'll be able to kick my ass when I joke with you... Yes those were his words!" He says laughing so hard, he looks handsome and doesn't look burdened. He should really laugh more.

"So he doesn't owe you. Meaning I can divorce you without getting  my parents..."

"What?" He whispered with a confused look. He looks cute when he's confused.

"Just kidding. I love you, don't forget that," I assure while I pull him for a kiss.


"It's getting late. We have to go."

"You two put up a fine show today. We look forward for another episode next time when we meet."

Seriously Eunice?

"Sure, your wife looks tired. Let her have enough rest. Don't over work her tonight."

I frown at what his grandmother said. I find the urge to report him, "He doesn't allow me into the kitchen to cook. He says he doesn't trust me with his food."

"I'll give anything for a husband like that. You got to be kidding me," Eunice tells with admiration in her eyes.

"Grandmother wasn't referring to that," Elvis whispers into my ears.

Then what?

"Yes he doesn't allow you because..."

"Grandmother we've got to go. Let's go, you look tired," Daniel announces, reaching for my hand.

"Sure, bye. I'll miss you all," I tell everyone.


"So there's a reason for you not trusting me with your food. Were you poisoned when you were young?"

"I'm really tired. Let's go take a bath together. Let's save the earth conserving water."

I smile at him.

He reaches the zip behind my dress.

Within a second, I was bare to his eyes. He stares at me, his eyes getting darker and darker. I love those eyes too.

"Wait for me there. I'm coming."

I go to the bathroom to prepare our bath.

He comes in with a towel around his waist.

"This isn't fair. I came here naked. Why are you in a towel?" I complain.

"I'm not stepping in with the towel. Am I?"

I open my arms while he gets closer. He poured the gel in his palms and he rubs it around my skin while i sit on his laps in the jacuzzi. His palms has always been soft.

He kept playing with my body till I couldn't stand it anymore. I wanted him and he was waiting for me to say it.

"I want you," I whisper.

"I know."


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