Chapter Five

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*Jennifer's POV*

My mum woke me up. Her cheerful face earned a confused look from me. What is she doing in my apartment. It was 4 am and my eyes found Eunice leaning on the wall.

"It's been long since you came home. I decided to meet you before going to work today. Sorry I had to wake you up from your sleep, I'm almost done with your wedding gown, hun."

I frowned and Eunice laughed. My mum wore a sad face on.

"Mum, can't you stop the wedding? Can't you tell dad to stop it?"

"You know how your dad is. He never changes his mind. And besides, you need to get married to give us grandchildren. You are not getting any younger. You are twenty six and yet you have not brought any man to the house to show us you are dating."

"But mum, twenty six isn't that old. I will date when I'm less busy," she saw my frustration and touched my checks. Pleading me to understand with her charming eyes.

"Twenty six is not that old? You are twenty six and you've not yet had your first boyfriend. Are you planning to die as a virgin?"

I quickly looked at Eunice who was smiling like a fool. My mum knows nothing about me not being a virgin anymore and I'm not going to tell her.

"Go out with him today. Talk to each other. Relax and let him woo you. You'll realize you have some feelings for him."

What?! I wanted to vomit as my mum said the last statement. I will never develop such feelings for him. The only feelings I have for him is hatred.

"You've spent all your life learning and spending time in church activities. Don't get me wrong but you need to socialize too."

I eyed my mum. She is really annoying me this early morning.

"Hope you are eating well. I brought you foodstuff. Stop buying food from outside. I'll take my leave now. Please eat well and have enough sleep."

She left and I felt worse. Normally I felt happy when my mum came to visit. Today, she sounded like she wasn't my mum. She was on my dad's side. Which I found not fair.

Eunice went out of my room. I had just two days to get married. He happened to be arriving from the states today but I didn't want him. Strangely, I wanted the stranger.

I remembered what happened two nights ago and weird thoughts clouded my mind.

I couldn't take it anymore, so I went to take a shower. I came to the kitchen to prepare something to eat.

I dressed up and checked the time. It was 5:20am. I had a lot to do already. I was secretly thanking my mum for coming. At least I get to go to work early.

I was almost at the door when Eunice's voice stopped me," Are you planning on leaving without letting me know?"

"I thought you went back to sleep. Sorry, I didn't want to disturb you."

"OK. What is your contact lens doing in my room? I saw it yesterday, I forgot to give it to you."

"Oh, I was looking for it. Thanks anyway. I'm leaving."

She nodded as I wore my contact lens. I gently put my spectacles in my bag and left.


I went out of my office to check out on everybody. They all seemed to be doing well. My secretary came to me asking for the pen drive the manager had given me days ago. I just told her to go to my office. I wasn't sure where I had kept it. It was either on my desk or in the drawer.

An hour later, I went to my office and sat in my chair. Then I realized my bag was searched.


I searched thoroughly through my bag hoping she didn't take my pen drive. I began panicking when I couldn't find it.

I stormed out of my office like a mad puppy looking for its missing bone.

Thank God the new president was too busy to worry about the publishing house. He had many companies, I wonder why he bought those shares.

I felt awkward when I saw people looking at me as if I had...oh no! Have they seen the video?

NO! I assured myself. I saw my secretary coming my way, however she quickly turned when she noticed me. She was trying to run away from me.

"Hey, wait!" She immediately stopped and slowly turned. I couldn't tell what she was feeling. Was it guilt? Was she suppressing a laughter? Her eyes were looking down, failing to meet mine and she kept playing with her fingers.

As I walked closer to her, I heard two guys talking in a corner.

"Guess the hot saint was just deceiving us with her looks and sweetness. I imagined her to be everything but this."

"I knew such a beautiful girl wouldn't be a saint. Her figure isn't something a man can easily ignore. Her hips..."

"She was actually screwing the boss before..." He immediately stopped when they saw me. I sighed in defeat. I felt totally embarrassed. I needed my cousin.

"Give me the pen drive," I shamefully stretched my palms toward her, not in the mood to answer anyone. She handed it over to me and I went to my office. I ignored what they were all saying in their offices. I wanted to cry and laugh at my stupidity.

I then called Eunice as I went into my office. She sighed and told me everything was going to be alright.

So I believed her.


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