Bonus Chapter B

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*Daniels P.O.V.*

It's been three years now since Jennifer was discharged from the hospital. The doctor had told me it would take quite some years before we can think about surgery. Even though I'm cool with her current state, Jennifer wants it done.

All that matters to me, is having her here by our sides and well she is. Her accident took a lot away from us. Mia grew up without her mother and it seems they are making up for the time they spent apart but it seems difficult with Mia asking about the bandages wrapped around most of her body.

I also changed during the course of time. I love Jennifer and I'm not ashamed to show it. Now that I think about it, I have no idea why I didn't show it. It took this accident for me to realize how foolish I was for treating her the way I did.

I never showed her how much she means to me and how much joy it brought me whenever I closed from work and saw her looking through papers around her with a basket full of unwanted papers.

I now realized every time she tripped down the stairs, I was the one she called for. Maybe if I had paid attention, I would've realized she trusted me enough to catch her every time she was about to fall.

And even when I never made her happy, she still chose us over death. She still wanted to live for us.

All the times I saw her laying in bed, almost dead, I missed the woman who complained about almost everything I did and didn't do. I felt as though my whole body were being roasted in fire.

As if there were an angry wound relaxing on my chest. I cringed whenever I saw all the tubes helping her to breathe properly. Every time I saw the nurses piercing needles through her skin, I felt it deep down my soul.

Now that I have her here, I'm going to devote all my time, appreciating her. God has given me another chance to make things right and I'm grateful.

The agony I used to feel, I feel them no more. The heavy emotions, shed and the unshed tears, doubts and the misery were all gone. I feel as though I was no longer in bondage. I smile often now and I'd be more than happy to see that beautiful smile my wife has, back on her face. The smile that makes my heart flatter and makes my mind wander about, in beautiful places.

Eunice screams at me, holding her hands up,"I give up this is the last time I'm calling you again. I'm slapping you now."

"What is wrong with you? Can't I have peace in my own house?" I question with my eyebrows raised.

"In case you do not know, your wife is looking for you," she explains, "But here you are, staring at the plain and boring wall. By the way who chose this colour?"

"Oh you got to be kidding me!" I exclaim, leaving her while she calls after me.

"Hey, your annoying cousin told me you were looking for me. What's up?" I enquire, reaching for her hands and squeezing them into my mine.

"I just got a call from the doctor. She said I can have the surgery anytime we want. I want it as soon as possible. So what do you think? We'll be able to live like we did before all these happened," She hopefully stated while waiting for my opinion.

"We can go whenever you are ready. It's been a while now since you were discharged..."

"So many years," she interrupts, squeezing my big hands now.

"Well it feels like just yesterday," I nervously whisper.

After our conversation, Eunice brings in Jennifer's food and tells us Elvis is on his way with Mia.

Jennifer's POV

Hours had turned into days and then days went by so fast, our appointment at the hospital was due.

No words can actually describe how I feel today because if everything goes on well, I will have my face back and I will be able to smile again. I will be able to look into the mirror again and secretly admire myself and if it doesn't...

No no no, God please no. I don't want to even think about it.

My heart keeps racing and my skin tingles every time I imagine myself out with my family.

I can't also deny the fact that I feel sick in the stomach and I can feel my palms getting sweaty. But I'm glad I have my husband by my side.

Even though he's trying to look brave, I can't overlook how his muscles tightens when Eunice rants about how successful she, she knows the surgery will turn out. He shows that fear grin, that makes you read past his nervous smiles, I can almost hear his heart racing.

"I know you are scared but dear you can't be anymore scared than I am. Just be hopeful," I encourage and see him shrug his shoulders.

He holds my cheeks in his both hands and whispers, "I don't want to lose you. It was hard having you unconscious. I can't go through that, we can't go through that again."

"Calm down Mr. Don't extend your negativity. We are in and in to survive. Have you forgotten we are females?" Eunice speaks as she walks into the room.

"Jeez did you die and we never knew about it? You are like a ghost, showing up everywhere. Where is that best friend of mine, can't he do something about you?" Daniel angrily shouts, earning a giggle from me. That also earns me a sharp pain around my jaw but it was worth it.

"Oh God i miss that sound, It's been long since I saw you this happy. Thank you, I love you," he finds the perfect words to tell me. And that is all I need to hear.

There is a part C. Kindly scroll, it's after the epilogue. Hope you enjoy it.

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