-51- / -No Babies-

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Part. 51 -No Babies-
"I'm weak, and what's wrong with that?" AJR.

"Carry on my wayward son! There'll be peace when you are done! Lay your weary head to rest! Don't you cry no more!" I shouted, hopping on my bed and playing an invisible guitar.

"Shut your mouth Cassandra!" Riley banged on my door, kicking it open.

"Go away!" Riley started walking away, but I threw a large pillow her way, hitting her on her butt.

"Stop!" She stomped on the ground, throwing the pillow back at me.

"You're the one screaming not, me!"

"You're screaming now!" I plopped down on my bed, raising the volume on my tv. Riley slammed her door and I laughed, standing back up and closing my door, turning off my light, and laying back down on my bed.

After 3 episodes I dosed off slightly, hearing the small murmurs from the tv.

Other conversation sparked away from my tv, but I chose to ignore it, and closed my eyes.

Nappy nappy time.

I rolled back over and opened my eyes slightly when the nose got louder, and stared at a tall dark figure.

"Dean really needs to shut up."

I screeched, flying backwards out of my bed and onto the floor.

"What the hell Julian!" I screamed, struggling to stand up.

"Ahahaha!" He cackled, slapping his knee.

"What do you want? You're ruining my SuperNatural Re run." I muttered, running my eyes.

"I was bored."

"Hang out with Hayden."

"He's with his sister."

"Go be with his sister too." I scrunched my nose, turning away.

"But I wanna hang with youuuuuuu." He whined. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm not changing SuperNatural." I pointed at him.

"I didn't want you to!" He hopped on my bed, and kicked his shoes off.

"You know we have testing soon right?" Julian crossed his arms, leaning back onto the headboard.

"Yes, and? Hand me that cup."

"You're watching Supernatural. When we have finals. Do you get it?" He stood up and grabbed the large mega cup, and held it over my head. My finger tips barely touched the cup before he lifted it back up.

"Stop it. Just give it to me."

"Haha. That's what she said."

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