-18- / -Nice Underwear-

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Part. 18 -Nice Underwear-

"They call me cry baby, cry baby." ~ Melanie Martinez.


My face washed a crimson color. I knew that Julian has seen me do this a couple of times, but Hayden? Oh no, not Hayden. I haven't even known him longer than two months, and he had already seen me in my panties. I jumped a little and tried to pull the blanket on, but failing every so slightly with me ending up on the floor, my legs semi tangled with my fluffy blanket. I sighed from disappointment, and raised my hand for Julian to help me up. He quickly ran over and lifted me up. I ran into my bathroom and yelled for Julian to go through my dresser and get me a pair of shorts. He did so, and a minute later, I walk out of the bathroom to find Hayden surely making himself at home.

"Nice underwear Cassandra." Hayden teased me. My cheeks flushed yet again.

"Stop admiring my nice a**, and tell me the reason you guys came here?" I asked Jules and Hayden.

"Casey, I sent you a text saying that I was going to be here with Hayden and that we were just going to hang out and hopefully plan to do stuff considering the fact that you barely have a social life."

Oooh. That text message.

I guess that I didn't fully comprehend the text. I was just too tired to actually function and even bother to think about the text message.

"Well, it's not my fault that I was extremely tired and I couldn't think about the text message." I defended.

"Well it is your fault that I saw you half naked." Hayden sighed.

"Whatever..." I mumbled. My stomach started to grumble, which could mean only one thing.

I'm Hungry.

Immediately the taste of pizza fills my mouth.

"Hey, are you guys hungry?" I asked.

"Yea" they both said in sync.

"Each one of us pay for a box. That simple." I said.

"That's fine I don't have anything else to pay for." Hayden's smart said.

"Excuse me? What about my favorite lipstick you ruined?"

"Wait wait wait wait wait- you ruined Cassandra's favorite lipstick?"
Julian cut in this time.

"It's a damn lipstick, she can buy a new one." Julian sighed, knowing what was going to happen.

I felt my face get red and I got really close to Hayden's face. The scent of mint and cologne intoxicated me but I ignored it.

But d**m did he smell good.

"Lipstick. Hayden. Lipstick."

And then humor. Hayden just sighed and pulled out his wallet and gave me  100 dollar bill.

"I know how much it costs my sis-... Um this person used to buy it..." Hayden told me.

"Oh and Cassandra, you can't scare a fly, so don't even try."

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