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Part.12 -Baby Oral Gel-

"Sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind." Twenty One Pilots.

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"I swear this is the best pizza ever."Julian laughed with a mouth full of pizza. He kissed the pizza, then licked it up and down.

"Ew!" I laughed so hard, I thought that my vanilla milk shake was going to come out of my nose. I love eating at this diner. We used to eat here all the time when he got his car, since he got it before me.

We had our hoodies on laughing, trying to avoid the paparazzi even though we were pretty sure we were in the clear.

"Anyways, how was your first day at our horrible school? Did you find someone that caught your eye?" I smirked. I raised my eyebrow, and Julian nearly gagged. We both exploded into fits of laughter. The people in the other tables where looking at us like if we where crazy, but we clearly don't care.

"You really are something else Cassandra. But to answer your question no, because its the freaking first day of school."

"Oh yea it was.. oops...." I said, taking another bite.

"What about you huh? Find any tasty men ma lady?" He did in a British accent, nearly killing me.

"No, lad, I have not." I mocked him.

"Well, I heard that there is this new guy at the school today, and he sounds so freaking familiar to me, like if I already know the guy. It sounds like someone that I knew that I lost connection with." Jules tone of happiness slowly drained from his voice. My thoughts go back Hayden from today.

This is Julian's first day at my high school, since they had to transfer him over to mine. Let's just say there were too many girls all over him, and he couldn't even walk 5 feet without someone snapping a picture of him.

"Yea I think I know who you are talking about." I said with my mouth full of pizza. He gave me a face of disgust and I just laughed.

"His name is Hayden, sounds familiar right?" I took a huge bite of my pizza, but Julian dropped his.

"Hayden? Hayden Willinston?" He asked.

"Yea! Him!"

"That's... that's great." He sighed before picking his pizza up and taking a huge chunk out of it.

"Well I told you that I saw Alex today..." I trailed off. Almost instantly I could see Julian's jaw clench. Ever since I told Julian about Alexander and what he did to me, he has hated him ever since. He tells me the only reason why he hasn't strangle him yet was because I keep on telling him not to. Someone has to listen right?

"I swear i'm going to grab him by the neck and pour expired dark chocolate down his throat and pour lemon juice into his damn eyes and-"

"I got it! I got it loud and clear Julian!" I raised my hands in the air. He rolled his eyes, wiping his hands and face with a napkin.

"Hey Cas, I kind of wanna go home, I kinda got a new hoverboard, since the other one fell in the pool and you already know I'm gonna be pulling stunts." Julian told me.

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