-32- / -Breathe-

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Part. 32 -Breathe-

"Round and round on a horse like a carousel." ~ Melanie Martinez


✟♛✟Hayden's P.O.V✟♛✟


This is killing me.

Why did I do that?

Why. It isn't my place.

I broke my fucking phone.

I exploded for no reason.


Hayden why?

Why can't you control yourself, why can't you be normal. Why can't you just help yourself?

Why are you caring for other people?

Stop caring.


I paced around in the downstairs bathroom of her house.

When I passed by pictures in her house, one in particular she was wearing shorts and slashes were all over her legs. Was I the only one who noticed it?

What is it with her? What is this thing that she is hiding from me...

I bit my lip from frustration.

This whole month I've been trying to figure out what it is... I'm trying to figure her out.

I swear if someone is hurting her...

I'm going to kill them. Him, her, I don't care.

Why did it take me this long to figure it out?

My blood boiled from rage.


I should've known.

No one just 'falls' and randomly lands on soap dish bar. Everything all of these nightmares... they aren't normal. All the time she would cry or complain about something in her sleep.

How come this whole month she's just been... fine? This isn't her.

She hasn't done anything...

Maybe she took care of it? Maybe she is fine. Maybe she doesn't need my help. Maybe she isn't scared anymore. Maybe she doesn't need me anymore.

Maybe I wasn't anything at all to her.


My double update for you beautiful angels!♥️

My double update for you beautiful angels!♥️

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