-37- / -Man in the red suit-

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Part. 37 - Man in the red suit-

"My youth is yours." Troye Sivan

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♪ Hayden's P.O.V ♪

"Hayden, listen to me. Sit down next to her." Julian whispered, pushing his black duffel bag into the carrier above us.

I rolled my eyes, sucking in my breath and scooting into the seat beside her. 

I don't want to sit next to her, I can't.

I'm not going to let another girl squeeze their way into my heart like this. I can't.

It's not healthy.

I peered at her out the corner of my eye, her indigo Adidas hoodie pulled over her blonde hair, but she was turned away from me. Her body was barely on my side, she leaned more over to the right against the wall of the plane. Her head hung low, and her legs were crossed.

Maybe she's scared of planes.

"Are you alright?" I squeezed my eyes shut, mentally slapping myself. She didn't respond, and I figured it was for the better. I leaned back into the cushiony first class seat, but I couldn't find myself to get comfortable.

Why didn't she respond? That's like the normal basic action. 

She shifted in her seat, pulling out her cellphone and earbuds from her hoodie and violently tapped on the screen to light up.

"What's wrong?"

"Stop asking me whats wrong Hayden." Her voice was cold as she shot me an icy glare through her glassy eyes. 

"So something is wrong." I pushed. What's wrong with her?

"Everything is perfectly fine." She puffed her cheeks out, clicking shuffle on spotify.


"Seriously shut up and think for a second Hayden." She shot at me, closing her eyes and plugging her headphones into her ears. The music blasted, well enough for me to hear beside her. 

She won't talk to me... so maybe I can text her? Yea! The plane hasn't departed, that means there is still reception.

I pulled my sleek iPhone out, opening it and clicking messages. I tapped on 'Cas-Tiel', ready to type but stopped.

Isn't the whole point of me doing all of this is to stop talking to her? To create a distance? 

I stared at the bright screen, remembering our past conversations.

Well I can't just sit here beside her for the next 3 hours, plus another 4 just letting it eat me up.

I typed in my message, hitting send and hearing the satisfying send noise. Her phone buzzed and I tilted my head at her, watching her flip the phone over. She rolled her eyes, and closed it again.

Okay, try two.

Me: What's wrong Cassandra?

She furiously took her phone, taking it and typing extremely fast.

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