-52- / -I Can't-

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Part. 52 -I can't-

"If I told you that I hated you, would you go away?" ~ The Neighbourhood.

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This chapter is triggering, so warning ahead of time.


Everything in my body began to burn, like a wildfire is right in front of me.

"Mom?" I whispered.

"Hello Cassandra." She stuttered slightly, her eyes filled with tears. I stared at her, bewildered by her presence. She wore a white too underneath a sleek beige jacket with black pants and nude heels while holding a large rich looking handbag. Her face aged a lot, but there is something different. Something is wrong with her. It isn't the drunken face or stoned face I knew. The feeling of shock took over me before the large wave of disgust flooded me, just like the same way anger seeped into my heart.

"What are you doing here? Who let you in?" I gritted my teeth.

"The security man. I told him I was your mother and that I really wanted to see you." She smiled sadly. I rolled my eyes.

"What do you want from me?" I said bitterly.

"I will tell you, just let me come in, and I will explain everything."

She fidgeted slightly, and clearly her demeanor has changed. The sky behind her changed too, it clouded up, turning grey and dark.

The irony.

I stood off to the side, and let her walk in, but not before Julian stood directly in front of the door, blocking her. I tugged on his arm, and when he looked down at me, waves of sadness and anger blazed in his light eyes.

"Julian, it's okay, I'll be okay." I whispered. He clenched his jaw and rolled his eyes.

"Fine." He stood over the side, putting his hand out.

"Welcome to Cassandra's home, Ms. Francis." He snarled. She stared at him and only shook her head, stepping into the home. She walked past us and into the living room, her eyes darting across the walls at the pictures of me and my new family.

"You have grown into a beautiful young lady Cassandra." She whispered, sitting down on the red leather couch.

"No thanks to you." I muttered, sitting on the black love seat in front of her.

"How is Riley and Ires? They have both aged beautifully." She crossed her legs elegantly, pushing her blonde locks away from her face.

"They are perfectly fine."

Awkward silence consumed us, as she took a glance at the house. After what felt like an eternity, she broke the silence.

"Can you kindly ask your friend to leave, this is quite important."

"Whatever you can say to me, you can say to him." I crossed my arms, raising my eyebrows. Is that what she really had to say to break the silence?

"No, it's okay Cas, i'll just get my phone and leave." Julian replied, scratching the back of his neck, and heading up stairs.

"Is he your boyfriend?" She asked.

"It's none of your business, but no, he isn't." Julian stared walking down the stairs again and tossed me my phone before waving goodbye and leaving the house. My phone dinged, lighting up, revealing Julian's text message.

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