-34- / -No New York-

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Part. 34-No New York-

"Oh don't you wonder where the light begins to fade?" ~ Panic! At The Disco


Two weeks later....

I leaned back as I closed the door. Finally. Next week, I wont have to see majority of these people, for a whole two weeks. Bless this winter break.

My phone buzzed and I reached for it.


Cas we might go to New York.

I threw my phone over to the other seat. Crap. I completely forgot about that party.

New York my a$$. This years charity party should be in California, not in New York.

What charity party you ask?

Well, every year, around Christmas or new year, bunch of billionaires join together to celebrate this years success. They throw a huge, classy party where multiple elite families are invited. They celebrate randomly; sometimes they would throw the party in Italy, or Paris, Washington, Miami, and here in California... But nothing will stop them from throwing the party in New York.

I'm not really complaining, considering that New York is beautiful, its just this year I really don't want to go.

I started my car and pulled away from the school.

Let's just hope we wont have to go this year.



I groaned from the sudden outburst.

"CASSANDRA IF YOU DON'T WAKE UP!" Riley yelled hopping on my bed. I tossed a pillow hopefully hitting her face.

"Go away i'm taking a nap." I croaked.

"We're going to New York you sleepy ass, get up!"

I rolled up and shot daggers at her. She burst out laughing and hopped down, sitting beside my head.

"Mom told me that we are going to New York, just like last year we went to Washington with Julian for the charity party."

"Yea, I already called Hayden and told them about it."

I nearly gave myself whiplash as I twisted my neck to look at her.

"You what?" I screeched.

"I invited Hayden?" She questioned. I groaned.

"No no no no." I brought my pillow up to m y face, hopping I can suffocate myself.

"Um, yes yes yes! We are leaving next week boo." Riley pinched my cheek.

"Oh, and we are definitely going out to get some new clothing... I'm feeling some Gucci maybe? Oh, better yet Prada!" She giggled as she got up and walked away from my bed.

"By the way Cassandra, you should be happy that I woke you up, if not you would've woken up the next day." I glanced over to my alarm clock and I rolled my eyes.


You've got to be fu-

"NEW YORK HERE WE COME!" Riley screamed in the hallways.

No. No New York.
Sorry sweetheart.


Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter!

Peace out Bubbas!


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