-14- / -Carrie-

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Part. 14 -Carrie-

"What's worse than I could say? Things are better if I stay."

My Chemical Romance.

*Lightly edited*

"Hey, I call sitting by myself." I said with a toothless grin to the guys as we walked into the small cafe. Any one who walked in here would instantly fall in love, and I couldn't blame them. The 60's themed cafe shinned bright with neon signs, checkered floors and bright red booths. Too bad the people didn't wear roller skates because that would've been the whole package.

"Hah, you're funny Cassandra. I am not sitting next to him." Hayden replied, catching Julian's glare.

"Like I'm the one who needs to be worrying about their eating patterns." Julian crossed his arms over his chest.

"I never mentioned your eating patterns brotha." Hayden raised his eyebrows, smiling. 

A tall brunette emerged from the back, smiling as she made her way over to us.

"Hello, and welcome to White Java Cafe, how many will be dining with us today?" She tore her eyes away from me, and landed the Hayden. Her cheeks instantly turned pink, when she glanced at Julian. 

I couldn't help but giggle.

"Three please, preferably a booth." Hayden purposely  made his voice deeper, and I roll my eyes. 


"This way." She looked down, taking 3 menus in her hand before leading us to the back of the small cafe and to a booth. I scooted my way into the corner of my room, Hayden later scooting in too. Julian sat in front of us, and I gazed around the place, noticing the amount of kids my age here. This place is notorious for having kids come here when they don't want to be in school.

A few seconds later another girl came, and she looked to be in her early 20's, smiled at us.

"Hi! I'm Cathy, and i'll be serving you today! For starters, what would you like to drink?" She pulled out a little note pad.

"A strawberry smoothie." I asked like a little kid.

"You're such a kid," Hayden chuckled.

"Hey! I'm not!" I groaned, slapping his arm.

"Sure you aren't," He turned his head, sarcasm seeped in his voice, same with the smirk on his face. 

"A root beer please." He turned back around, winking at the waitress. She blushed slightly.

"For sure, I'll get you that." 

"A sprite." Of course Julian would follow in his best friends footsteps, throwing another smirk at the waitress way.

"I will be back with your drinks shortly." The tall brunette shot one more sneaky smile at them both, before disappearing into the small kitchen in the back. Instinctively, the hairs on my neck started standing up, and the air became extra chilly.

What the hell?

It feels like someone is watching me.

I glanced around the cafe, seeing a bunch of kids from different schools, some even from the one I went to, like this SUPER red headed girl who's name was Melissa and LIVED for art design. I I know because she is the head of the committee, and even though she isn't as rich as the rest of us, she has the most talent in painting than I have ever seen. I kept on gazing until my eyes landed on a familiar blonde. He's light blonde hair and rich brown eyes have been following me since I was 13.

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