-26- / -I Remember You-

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Part. 26 -I remember you-

"You're the judge, oh no, set me free." ~ Twenty One Pilots


A/N: Do you guys like multiple points of views?


I hopped out of the car and tried finding Hayden but stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed my surroundings.

Nature. Large trees, and green land.

Why the hell would he take me here?

I ran past some trees and stood on my tippy toes and looked around to see if I can spot him, but I couldn't. I walked over to an empty patch and I was just engulfed with the beautiful scenery.  There was cliff, and I walked over I noticed how there was a river underneath. I smiled.

I genuinely smiled.

Because even though I spent majority of my time inside, I really liked nature. I just never wanted to walk out of the door. Every now and then I would go out far from my house and just walk around or sit down in the grass reading a book. I really did enjoy it. It always helped me get away, whenever I felt suffocated. The smile on my face disappeared as I zoomed back into reality.

Why would Hayden snap over a hug? It was just a hug! And i'm pretty sure to him it was a just a hug. Nothing too drastic right?


Whatever that was i'm just going to let him deal with it. I shouldn't break my back trying to find him. Plus I will most likely get lost and then I won't be able to find the car again and then a bear will find me.

Long story short, I WILL DIE. 

Little dramatic Cassandra, you've almost died 2 times.

 It's fine. I sat down on the grass and took in the scent of pine cones.

It's so perfectly beautiful.

Naturally Beautiful.

I looked down at the ground and I looked at the still river, glistening reflection of the sun. Everything is so calm. I sighed as I realized that I can't be here forever.  I had to get back to the car, Hayden might be there. I winced when I moved my hand, but I stood up and looked down as I patted and shook the dirt from my butt. A piece of hair fell in front of my face and I pushed it behind my ear as I looked up I gasped.

There in front of me was the tall browned hair boy that I was just looking for. I backed up before he put his hands up.

"Don't fall!" He told me and I stopped and looked to see that I was actually at the very edge. Do I have a fear of heights? No.

Still doesn't mean I like being on the edge. A hand reached over to my arm and pulled me away from the edge.

"I honestly don't want to witness someone falling off of the edge of a cliff. " He laughed and let go of me.  I looked at my watch.


I hear the crunching of soil, and Hayden sat down, so I quickly sat down beside him.

"You know, I really like nature." I told him.

"Me too, I'm not gonna sound like those sappy stories talking about oh, being away from the world is amazing, I get away by going into the woods, but in reality I actually do like being away. " He told me. My hands were shaking again and I held them together so they wouldn't be visible.

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