-10- / -Straight Out Of A Magazine-

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Part. 10 -Straight Out Of A Magazine-

"All my friends are heathens take it slow."

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I placed my bag in my locker and went into my first period. I tapped my binder profusely as I walked through the crowds of people whispering about a Hayden, Hayden and more Hayden.


The name racked my brain. Hm.

Isn't that a model?

I know a Hayden. Yea...

I walked into the large classroom and sat in one of the two seater desks. I fidgeted with my phone as I scrolled through my playlist before plugging the earbud back into my ear.

I started to feel numb, reminding me that the pills are taking effect.

A bunch of whispers, gasps, and aw sounds tore my attention away from my phone and to the door of the classroom. I couldn't help but nearly gasp myself.

A tall boy brown haired boy walked into the classroom, perfectness radiating off of him.

Immediately I knew that's the Hayden.

My stomach lurched. I know him...

I know I can't deny and say that he didn't look like someone who popped out of a magazine.

His eyes nearly drew me in, those electric green eyes resembled someone's I've known before. The shade were something I've seen rarely in my life... once or twice? It's something words can't even describe. I wasn't even close to him but I can already tell that he demanded attention. That's the type of personnel he was going to be. He wore a stripped black and white shirt, with a leather jacket and slightly ripped black jeans, with a pair of Jordan's.

The Typical Bad Boy.

I nearly laughed to myself.

We're almost wearing the same outfit.

So ironic.

That's when it hit me,

I finally remembered who it was.

Hayden Willinston.

The model of course. That's who he had to be.

Yea... he's the model.

I was going through a battle with my brain and my instinct, and believe me or not, I swear, call me crazy, but something is telling me I've seen him somewhere else and not only on one of Riley's magazine covers. I studied him as he talked to a tall brunette before turning around and glancing around the classroom, before his eyes landed mine. I felt as if I had just gotten caught stealing a cookie from the cookie jar and I felt my cheek turn a deep pink shade quickly. He stared at me for 30 seconds and it was making me squirm under his intense gaze. I glanced back down at my hands and began playing with my headphone cord.

Damn it Cassandra, so much for it making it obvious.

He smiled and began walking over to me, pulling the chair and sitting down.

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