-5- / -So Hard Headed-

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Part. 3 -So Hard Headed-

"Heard the news that you're dead." ~ My Chemical Romance.

Warning ahead of time, this chapter is triggering. If you do not like self harming or anything that has to do with that then skip this section. Thanks babe!



I screamed, punching the ground beneath me. I stood up and ran over to a cabinet in my bathroom and pulled out a bottle of pain relievers and popped three into my mouth.

Fuck him. Fuck everybody.

What are they going to do?

Kill me?  I'm already damn dead. I bet you Alex is already marching his way over to beat me. I shoved small picture frames off of my dresser, glass shattering against the ground. I ran back into the bathroom, grabbing a small razor blade and dropped down onto the tile on the bathroom floor, dragging a long line across my skin. Blood oozed out of the wound slowly, coating my wrist in the beautiful crimson color that blood is. I hissed from the pain but it felt so good, better than any of the other pain. The smooth, sensation shook my body, letting me feel alive, allowing me to feel like I actually have control over yourself.

The demon sat there, waiting on her porch.

I ran my finger over the first line, smearing the blood. I dragged another, and another and another until I felt satisfied. I washed the blade off, drops of blood slowly dropping onto the marble floor.

It was a little dark so he held a makeshift torch.

See Cassandra you're perfectly fine!

I screamed into the mirror, tears staining my cheeks. Dizziness took over me, so I slowly crawled into my bed covering myself in blankets as blood from my sleeve seeped out of the sweater and onto the the white sheets beneath me.

Sometimes it's nice sleeping.

You forget everything else for a while.



"Raise your hand if you have stopped cutting." The lady asked the group, and 4 out of 9 raised their hands, including me. I finally learned that she goes by Mrs. Jackson.

"You see? That wasn't that hard. I see improvement here. ..zYou've stopped, Cassandra?" She closed her notebook, pushing her glasses closer to her eyes.

"Yes. I have." Mrs. Jackson stared at me, before turning around and asking someone else a question.

"You're lying." The guy with the green eyes said suddenly. Everyone's attention flew towards him.

"I am not lying."

"Oh yes you are. I can tell." He said sitting up and looking into my eyes, like if he can read me completely. I suddenly felt so insecure and weak.

Was I that easy to read?

"So what? I-I- It's not my fault" I said lowly, barely audible. I looked down into my lap and played with the string on my shirt.

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