-40- / -Wake Her Up-

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Part. -40- Wake Her Up-

"It's my party and i'll cry if I want to." -Melanie Martinez.


✟♛✟Hayden's P.O.V✟♛✟

I groaned, a small voice beside me didn't let me sleep. I held my breath, as Cassandra mumbled a name and brought her head closer to me and wrapped her arms further around my torso. I watched her small sleeping figure and threw my head back.

I swear she will be the death of me.

This is the sappy feeling that I felt 2 years ago.

This is that sappy feeling you read about in a teenage romance book.

This is what it feels like.

I miss the feeling.

I guess I really felt this feeling the most with my mom.

Days like this reminding me back when my mom was sick.

She really was sick. But I would stick next to her side as she held me and my sister, Delilah.

I sighed closing my eyes, not wanting to think about the two.

I miss them.

I miss them both.

I watched her small figure sleeping next to me, and I brushed her ombre hair out of her face. It was matted by sweat as she tightly clenched her eyes shut.

This girl is just like me. She has her darkness. She doesn't have any light. She now is slowly finding it. Just like me.

I lifted her left arm, tracing the small scars before tracing the freshly healed slash on her hand.

She's lying.

She never ran into a wall and the glass shattered in her hand. I was there, I saw the hand, There was no sign of any glass stuck in her hand. The cut was too clean too. Whoever is fooled, who ever believes that a glass broke in the palm of her hand is down right stupid.

But then again she's a good liar. I won't even lie about that.

But the expression on her face whenever you bring it up, it changes. Fear seeps into her eyes.

I thought about anything previous, things I know. Things I know.

I rubbed her back, her body immediately softening against my touch.

"Get away..." she murmured and I clenched my jaw.

Wake her up. She's having a nightmare.

Her body instantly shifted onto mine and I couldn't do anything but hold my breath.

She really is beautiful.

A tear slowly trickled down her cheek and I wanted to so badly to figure out the other side of her. To know what is happening with her. What is wrong with her.

Is it her dad? Was it her mom?

Who cut her? Who cut her?

She muttered a name, a very hated name, which then I knew.

I've figured it out.

I know who did it.

And he isn't going to get away with it very easily.

That's for damn sure.

Lowkey sappy

These past few chapters have left me feeling like i've been writing the same stuff for a bit so the next few chapters are gonna be different, maybe more refreshing I hope.

Anyways love you guys!

I know it's not Dylan but I love him just as much as him

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I know it's not Dylan but I love him just as much as him. ESPECIALLY AS TATE.


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