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"Please use discretion when you're messing with the message man."- Twenty One Pilots

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"It's a small moon necklace, nothing extravagant." He smiled, holding out the box.

"It's a moon because my mom loved moons, it was her favorite." His smile faltered a bit, before he looked down.

"Oh man how much she loved moons, it was crazy. The whole house was decorated with them. She would sing about the moon, it was a whole deal with them. Even through everything she would tell us the moon was always watching us." He pulled on the chain around his neck and it too was a small moon.

"This was hers. Well, her's when she was younger. Gave it to me. I didn't really like it, but after a certain point, I started wearing it again." His eyes grew darker, and I could already tell he was becoming sad. He opened the box and stood up, stretching his hand out to me. I took it and stood up and stared at him.

"Oh she would love you. D-Deliah would too." He turned me around and pulled my hair over to the side, and placed a cold small necklace around me. He spun me one more time and I was greeted by dark red eyes, tears threatening to spill from his green eyes.

"Won't you look at that! You're more beautiful than the moonlight!" Hayden sheepishly grinned, and a small tear dripped down his left cheek. I smiled and wrapped my arms around him, taking in his warmth.

"You're so stupid." I mumbled.

"Well I am the only one talking to the moon." He muttered. I laughed wickedly.

"One more thing." He whispered.

"Will you be mine? Be my girlfriend?"


Sweet little chapter for the 100K!

I was literally jumping and screaming when I was the 100K. Thank you guys so much!

I just realized how short this chapter was, and I wanna make it longer, but i'll probably mess it up, SO not doing it.

But hey, that just means an update will becoming out a lot quicker.

Love you guys!!♥


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